New York Rangers to Wear a Third Jersey Next Season?

According to a source, the New York Rangers are going to be sporting a third jersey for the 2010/11 season. Supposedly this is not a contemplation, but is definite. The only information I have on the matter is that the jersey will be dark blue and will read “New York” down the front.

This information has not been confirmed by anyone but it looks like it may be announced sometime soon, or after the season is over. This move is clearly being done to boost apparel sales which is the only reason any team produces them.

The routine normally goes as follows: wear them for a few years and when sales dwindle, make them defunct, only to replace them years later; or at least, that’s what most teams do.

If the design is as described, it will look just like the jerseys the Rangers wore in the mid 1980’s, sort of like the picture in this article, only I expect the background to be a lot darker, much like the navy blue as it was in the latest third jersey with the Liberty shield. Once again this is unconfirmed, but I felt it warranted to pass on the information anyway.

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  1. How about another cup instead of another jersey???
    Is the flock (us) being fleeced??
    Tom and crew

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