Rangers Game vs Islanders on March 24 to be Broadcasted in 3D

Well, this is something I never would have thought I would be waking up to in the morning.The game on March 24 between the New York Rangers and New York Islanders will be broadcasted in 3D, making it a landmark event; the first ever 3D hockey game.

From Richard Sandomir of the New York Times:

MSG Network will show next Wednesday’s Islanders-Rangers game in 3D, the first time a hockey game has been carried in the technology, the network said. It will be available to Cablevision subscribers and offered to other providers.

The game will also be shown on a screen at the Theater at Madison Square Garden.

For the game, five 3D cameras will be set up on platforms lower down in the arena than for high-definition broadcasts. “You produce 3D games differently,” said Mike Bair, the president of MSG Media. “And you have to hold shots longer and not cut as quickly.” Kenny Albert and Dave Maloney, the Rangers’ radio team, will shift to the 3D broadcast.

However, for most of us, this will not be able to be viewed on television; you will have to pay $20 and attend a viewing party at the Madison Square Garden Theater. Find out more about it here.

Although it is a cool idea, I am not a huge fan of this as I do not think 3D television will go over well in the future as many are predicting. Remember VHS tapes and 8-tracks? Well, I know they are not as glamorous as 3D, but they were once predicted to be that next great piece of home entertainment.

As for the viewing party, would it have killed the Dolan’s to allow free admission? I know the camera setups cost money, but do they really need it that badly? Allowing a couple hundred fans in for free would not have even put a wrinkle in their pockets, and this is just another way for them to squeeze in some more money, in a season where they will more than likely lose playoff revenue.


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