Chicago Blackhawks: Critics Offended By Fans’ Anthem Tradition

I thought I’d seen it all in terms of people going out of their way to be politically correct, until this afternoon when I sit down to log in to, where I see a video featured from Fox News Mobil. The title: “Disrespectful Hockey Tradition”. I wonder what that could be about.

So I clicked on the two-minute long video and it did not take long to get my blood boiling. Apparently, people are offended by the Chicago Blackhawks’ fans cheering during the singing of the American National Anthem before and during, as opposed to waiting until it’s finished.

Excuse me?

Steve Brown, the on-location reporter, then goes on to say how disrespectful to the veterans this is, despite how much the Blackhawks fans enjoy doing this, a tradition that was started in the 1980’s.

Is it just me, or does hockey seem like the only professional sport to get bashed for the most minute things, in recent time?

One dolt at the end of this video goes on to say that he feels so disrespected by this, that it, “makes my skin crawl”, “makes me grit my teeth”, and “cringe when I hear it”. My message to you: don’t like it? Don’t go to games.

How on earth can someone be offended by a variation of patriotism? In my opinion, the Blackhawks fans are more in the right than any other fan base, by showing how much they love their country by cheering it for its entire length. At the end of this video, Brown goes on to say that they spoke to the leader of the Illinois USO, and he feels that the fans’ tradition is “quite respectful”.

So the veterans are on the fans side, and we still have to make a spectacle of this?

We have soldiers getting killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, an economy in the toilet, and a shaky health care plan passed the other night. Leave it up to Fox News to peddle this crap like they actually know what they’re talking about.

Leave hockey and it’s traditions to the people who can actually respect and appreciate them.


One thought on “Chicago Blackhawks: Critics Offended By Fans’ Anthem Tradition

  1. Chris

    As a devout Blackhawk fan and someone who has stood in awe of the Anthem in the madhouse you nail the stupidity of this commentary. As you note, it seems that us hockey fans are always the target of something that is of no purpose. Perhaps it is because we are the 4th professional sport in the US and thus really DON”T COUNT. Or maybe it is because management is cannot seem to make the right moves to make us a respected sport. It would be nice to see Bettman stand up and slam the reporter, never happen though. On a final note I served for 6 yrs during Iraq 1 in the Infantry. My son also a devout Blackhawks fan serves currently in the USAF. From one veteran and one active duty service member, I assure you we do not take exception to how the country is treated at the Madhouse, long live tradition and God Bless America!

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