Carnac the Magnificent Talks Baseball!

Ladies and gentlemen, you have no idea how rare an interview with Carnac the Magnificent actually is. We have been waiting months for us to just get a touch of his greatness, and now the great sage, the great soothsayer is here with us to talk baseball. Today, he showed withus his majestic ways by predicting baseball related answers to questions sealed in an envelope, without having ever before seen the question. Hold on to your chairs, and enjoy the mystery and awe-inspiring ability of Carnac the Magnificent!

1. Answer: Tire, a jack, and Milton Bradley

Question: What are three things you can find in Ken Wakamatsu’s trunk?

2. Answer: Catch-22

Question: What will happen if you hit a hundred pop fly’s at Luis Castillo?

3. Answer: A thousand clowns

Question: What can you find in the Mets’ front office?

4. Answer: Until he gets caught

Question: How long does a player use steroids?

5. Answer: A full moon

Question: What would you see if CC Sabathia dropped his pants?

6. Answer: A tractor, a field, and a hundred dead bodies

Question: What will you find on Ugueth Urbina’s farm?

7) Answer: 20,000 leagues under the sea

Question: Where are the Kansas City Royals headed?

8. Answer: Dustin Pedroia

Question: What do you call someone cleaning his Pedroia?

9. Answer: Over fifteen billion served

Question: What will be written on Kei Igawa’s tombstone?

10. Answer: The American people

Question: Name the loser in the 2002 MLB All-Star game

11. Answer: Hog jowls, chitlins, black-eyed peas, cornpone, hush puppies, and red eye gravy

Question: What does Charlie Manuel eat on a Sesame seed bun?

12. Answer: Washington Nationals

Question: Who was just arrested for impersonating a baseball team?

13. Answer: ANA, LAD, and OAK

Question: How do you spell Analadoak?

14. Answer: “The Front”

Question: What does it say on the side of Pablo Sandoval’s jersey

15. Answer: A six inch base with two feet of powder

Question: Describe Ron Washington’s nose

Join us next time when Carnac visits us all the way from the land of Kashmir. Think these were bad? Just wait!

Also featured on Phillies Phever.

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