Searching for “In Search Of…”, Classic 70′s TV

I cannot tell you the exact year, or how old I was when I first watched an episode of In Search Of…, a 1970’s documentary series pertaining to all aspects of the paranormal and unknown that was running in syndication on the History Channel for a few years back in the late 1990’s, maybe even the early 2000’s. All I know is, when I was very young, and first stumbled upon this show, I was hooked, like on no other television series I had seen before, or since.

Unfortunately, In Search Of… has gone missing in action from every television channel since those days a little more than ten years ago. I remember it like it was yesterday– spending late Friday afternoons, five o’clock, I believe it was, to catch Leonard Nimoy host this series. I was probably too young to realize just how old the show was, and also too young to fully understand everything they were talking about, but every second of this show I watched enthralled me.

It became an event for me in my childhood to not leave the house when I knew it was going to be on. I anxiously awaited every Friday afternoon so I could see it. Then after about what seemed like two or three years, the show disappeared from it’s regular time slot, to assume an early Saturday morning spot. Soon after, though, it would disappear off the airwaves for good.

Despite numerous emails to the History Channel to renew it’s syndication, those who inquired were met with silence, and those lucky enough to receive a response had to settle for some generic email stating how some complex legality prevented them from airing the show.

Further interest was taken when it was finally revealed that Pyramid Media owned the rights, and more emails were sent, but this was to no avail, and now it seems that we may never see this show back on television, or further more, released on DVD.

With all old shows now getting their turn to be put on DVD and made available for purchase, I will still hold out hope that the series that ran from 1976 to 1982 may make it’s way into stores. Myself, along with many others would run out and buy it immediately.

Luckily, there are a few people that had recordings of the show on VHS when they originally aired, that they were able to transfer them to YouTube. Segments, and in some cases, entire shows can now be viewed online. Here are just a few for you. Please do some more searching for more: Bigfoot, Dracula, and Loch Ness Monster.

Although they may seem outdated now, they remarkably still hold up to today’s standards of entertainment value. The facts  that have been discovered since 1976 may make these not the best sources for information, but for pure entertainment purposes, they are great.

For someone who was fascinated back then, as I am now, this show was a dream come true, as it tackled nearly every facet of the mysterious that could be imagined in the more than 120 filmed episodes. To view a full list of shows, click here.

So I shall continue my search for hopefully one day hearing that this show will become available so that I can watch it, and re-live the excitement I felt when I was little. This was one of the more influential shows on my life, and has probably played an integral in the interests I have now.


10 thoughts on “Searching for “In Search Of…”, Classic 70′s TV

  1. Oh yeah, that was a cool show. They even had IN SEARCH OF… books, such as IN SEARCH OF ANCIENT ASTRONAUTS, IN SEARCH OF NOAH’S ARK, etc.. These were also theatrical release movies. Perhaps you can check eBay IN SEARCH OF ANCIENT DVDs.

  2. In Search of Ancient Astronauts was based on Erich Van Danniken’s “Chariots of the Gods?” which became an immediate bestseller, that continues to this day. The TV series did the special on it, and it was so successful they ended up getting a 6 year run out of it.

  3. This is a great show. It was cancelled before I was born, but I love mystery shows. I watch this on You Tube, its every bit as good as UNSOLVED MYSTERIES.

    I tried on ocassions to ask Shout Factory to releases DVDs, but they keep saying they donèt know who the consumer would be, and that so many episodes are out of date. You know, some have been solved or more evidence found.

    They never reply when I ask to to release singles or even Best Of box sets like those UNSOLVED MYSTERIES dvds.

    1. Unsolved Mysteries are on DVD. Have been for the last year. They are broken down into box sets: Ghosts, UFO’s, Psychics, and Strange Murders.

      I’m going to write a piece later this month on the show, so stay tuned.

      1. Yes, I know UNSOLVED is on DVD. I own them all except for BEST OF, I hear that’s just the same stuff. I think there was a new Ghosts set released, only two discs instead of the original four.

        I wish someone would release IN SEARCH OF episodes in some box sets. Like MYTHS AND MONSTERS, GHOST STORIES, ALIENS, etc.

  4. Nice write up. I really do hope they release “In Search of…” I really think that show got me interested in looking for answers outside of the box and interested in things that don’t have an answer yet… Thanks! Keep us informed if they do release the DVD Set!

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  6. I absolutely loved this show. When I was a very small child, during its initial run, it would air early on Sunday evenings, and my parents wouldn’t let me watch it for fear that I would have nightmares. I didn’t really sit down to watch them until the very early ’90s, when they aired on A&E. Eventually the show disappeared from there, but around 2000/2001 they started up on the History Channel. I would tape every episode so I could re-watch them. LIke previous comments have said, yes there are shows that are now out-dated (Amityville Horror, Anastasia), but just for entertainment value, they were gold. Leonard Nimoy’s narration, and the creepy music took it to a level far beyond what the program’s budget would have acheived.

    I know they’re floating around the web for download, and I think that’s probably the only way that the show will ever be seen again. Probably will never see DVD, sadly.

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