Rangers and Flyers: Epic Showdown Will Decide Playoffs

This is going to be a very short post, mainly because, what is there to say? Win, and their in. Lose, and their done.

Today’s game between the Rangers and Flyers will probably go down as the most epic regular season game in history, because very rarely does a shot at making the playoffs come down to the final game of the season, and it is even more rare that the teams in question will be facing each other.

It is clear that the Rangers have the momentum, but the Flyers play well at home and have a very hostile arena towards opposing teams. But no matter what happens, this Rangers team proved that they cared.

After all the bashing done by writers, including myself, who said that this team had given up; that they were a bunch of self-centered, overpaid, underachievers who did not care about winning and losing, they proved us wrong. Had they not cared, they would not have tried to come back.

For this team to come together, it took a little bit longer. Unfortunately, that stall could cost them, but with a win today, it would not matter.

Whether they win or lose is immaterial. I will be content with the fact that, in the end, they gave it their all and died fighting, should they lose. All I want to see is an exciting and well played game by both teams, and that if they do lose, they will have played hard until the very end.

I’m never one to be too optimistic, but good luck boys, and Lets go Rangers!

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