Joe’s Angle: A Look at a Projected, Cap-Friendly Rangers Lineup

[Editor’s Note by Greg Caggiano] First of all, I would like to congratulate Joe for his last article that got mentioned on Yahoo’s Puck Daddy blog yesterday. That will really be important for the blog in moving forward as we will get much more exposure. Also, for those of you that don’t know Joe, we have been writing and doing radio shows together off and on for almost three years now.

He is also the first writer I have ever brought in since transitioning to this new blog. He is a Rangers season ticket holder and is never shy in being brutally honest with the team when the situation calls for it. I’m sure you will all enjoy his writing.

Anyway, here is a look at his projected 2010/11 lineup, that is also salary cap friendly, with the numbers based on CapGeek.


Callahan ($2.300)-Dubinsky ($1.850)-Gaborik ($7.500)

*Kovalchuk ($8.500)-Drury ($7.050)-*Aasen ($1.750)

**Grachev ($.933)-Anisimov ($.822)-Avery ($1.938)

**Weise ($.700)- Boyle ($.525)- Prust ($.650)

Scratches: Brashear ($1.400)


Rozsival ($5.000)- Staal ($3.500)

Girardi ($2.250)- Gilroy ($1.750)

*Foster ($1.200)- Del Zotto ($1.087)


Lundqvist ($6.875)

*Biron ($2.000)

* Denotes players acquired via free agency

** Denotes players called up who were already in the system


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