Former Maple Leaf Captain’s Teeth Up for Auction

This definitely has to go down as the strangest item I have ever seen listed in an auction anywhere.

The fake teeth of former Toronto Maple Leaf captain Ted “Teeder” Kennedy are up for sale on Classic Auctions. Kennedy played from 1942 until 1957 in 696 games, all with the Leafs. He recorded 231 goals and 329 assists during that time, and earned himself a H.O.F induction in 1966. Kennedy has since passed away in 2009 at age eighty-three.

The teeth and dental plate, as you can see, are in excellent condition and were worn by Kennedy when not on the rink. The two nasty looking and now rusty pieces of metal branching off hooked onto the molars, keeping the plate in place.

Bidding opened at $150, and currently the minimum bid to take the lead in the auction is $165.

From the website, the description is as follows:

Teeder’s teefers! Definitely unique, this partial plate appears to be in fine condition to us, although we’re not denturists. Five pearly whites run across the partial, no doubt replacements for teeth knocked out by flying pucks, wayward sticks and careless elbows. The vintage plate, worn by Kennedy during his playing days guaranteed that million-dollar post-game smile when the photographer’s flashbulbs went off. Obtained from the family of former Leafs’ captain Ted Kennedy, complete with their signed letter of provenance.

Although I certainly would not want to own them, they could be a nice addition to someone’s hockey collection. I’m actually surprised the Hockey Hall of Fame did not seek to acquire them before they went up for bid, because it could have made a nice feature in an exhibit.

The auction has a little more than twenty days left.

Happy bidding!


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