Ranger Fans Needed to Help Donate Money for a Good Cause

Wade learning never to put his wallet in his front pocket ever again.

Ladies and gentlemen, I never make it my business to ask anyone for anything. I consider myself a proud, hard-working individual who never likes to get anything for free. This includes money, something which I try never to ask anyone for. However, an occasion has come up where I would like to ask all New York Rangers fans to help me out.

The other night, when Joe asked me out of the blue, “How many Ranger fans do you think there are?”, I responded with, “Probably around 50,000 or so.” He said he came to nearly the same figure. He worked out all the math and came up with a donation campaign idea.

If each one of the 50,000 Ranger fans out there donated $130, then we would be able to raise $6.5 million to give to management to help pay off Wade Redden’s salary for a full season, so that he can be sent down to Hartford. You would also have to figure that some fans are worth millions, and may even want to donate more money.

I would like to call this a “Cash for a Clunker” program, where we can raise money for the betterment of our beloved New York Rangers.

Joe told me flat out last night that he would gladly pay $130 if he knew it meant getting Wade Redden off the team.

Of course, such a large donation is not required. We will gladly take in all amounts. No amount is too big or too small.

The multi-billion dollar corporation Rangers need our help everyone, because they will not listen to us. But dollar signs seem to be all they care about, and maybe if we approached them with it, they would finally listen to the people who pay their salaries season in and season out, and devote their lives to following such a mediocre team.


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