5 comments on “On the Sixteenth Anniversary of the Rangers Cup Victory

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  2. The NHL Network played game 7 against the Devils last month. I’m a Devils fan and I don’t need to see that again.

  3. Here’s what baffles me. Like any business, there are best practices, so you really shouldn’t have to reinvent the wheel on how to build a winner. Does someone in the NYR organization have these best practices written somewhere? Sure, adjustments have to be made along the way, but that’s fine tuning. It seems that the current ownership is either unwilling or unable to commit to turning this franchise around. Everyone in the franchise is clearly NOT on the same page and until that happens, forget about another Cup.

    Just look how the Blackhawks blossomed this season. Think they had an organizational commitment to winning the cup? You better believe it.

  4. They don’t care if they win another cup because even when they suck they still fill the seats with butts! That’s the bottom line.

  5. The first three seasons immediately following the lockout weren’t really a “disgrace.” Jagr took a relatively well-assembled team two rounds deep into the playoffs in ’07 and ’08. Renney was adept at handling veterans and brining along some of the younger talent. Now, the team is a disgrace, but those seasons were pretty good. The ’06-’07 squad, especially, probably could have pushed into the ECF if they had been able to steal one more game from Buffalo.

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