100 Ranger Greats Trivia: Round Two

Even if you did not participate in round one, you still have a chance to win, because there is always the possibility that someone will slip up or forget in the two remaining rounds, so if you are a Ranger fan, give it a shot!

Please remember to include in the subject of the email, “RANGERS TRIVIA CHALLENGE 2” in caps. If you have not already entered, then please include your full name and the city/state that you live in.

The answers to the round one questions were:

1. Nick Fotiu

2. Lou Fontinato

3. Esa Tikkanen

4. Mike Gartner

5. Herb Brooks

Very happy to say that one person got them all correct, and the leader board will be posted underneath round two questions. One again, you have until midnight on Monday, June 29 to submit the answers to me, and round three will be posted next Tuesday!

Good luck again!

“Leapin'” Lou Fontinato, the question only one contestant got correct.

Round Two Questions

1. Which coach was nicknamed “The Fog”?

2. Which two goalies shared the Vezina trophy in 1971?

3. Which Rangers forward once said of himself, “I’m one of the slowest, if not the slowest, skaters in the league. I was never too fancy, never had that good a shot”?

4. Who was the first Rangers player to appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated?

5. Which Rangers defenseman married model Carol Ault in 1983 and made an appearance on the soap opera Ryan’s Hope?

Leaderboard After Round One

1st. Jim Haggerty (Bronx, NY)– 4

1st. Randy Stewart (Freehold, NJ)–4

1st. John Peek (Whitesboro, NY)–4

1st. Mike McConeghy(Utica, NY)–4

1st. Chris Hoeler (Ridgefield, CT)–4

2nd. Steve Weitzner (Irvine, CA)–3

2nd. Adam Bethon (Port Washington, NY)–3

EDIT: There was a typo in one of the questions regarding Lou Fontinato. It should have read 1950’s, not 1940’s. The question will now be omitted.


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