Expected Hamhuis and Volchenkov Salaries Make Rozsival Look Like a Bargain

For as long as Michal Rozsival dons a New York Rangers sweater, and probably even beyond that, fans will voice their displeasure for the one they call the overpaid, under achieving defenseman.

In the summer of 2008, Rozsival was extended to a four-year deal worth $20 million. He carries an annual cap hit of $5 million. It sounds ridiculous, especially when you consider the last two seasons for him, after he signed the biggest contract of his hockey career:

2008/09: 8 goals, 22 assists, 30 points

2009/10: 3 goals, 20 assists, 23 points

Each season has seen his grand totals drop from the previous year, making him in no way worth the money he is being paid.

However, with Dan Hamhuis’ agent seeking “an upwards of $5 million” (per William DePaoli) for the free agent whose rights are currently owned by the Flyers, after acquiring them from Nashville, Rozsival at the same amount seems like a bargain.

Hamhuis is coming off a season where he recorded five goals and 19 assists for a whopping 24 points. Rozsival, when you consider it, received his raise in pay after a season in which he scored 13 goals and 25 assists for 38 points. Hamhuis is obviously better defensively, but down the stretch last season, Rozsival hunkered down and played some of the best defensive hockey in his tenure with the Rangers.

Should Hamhuis receive such a ludicrous amount, then the other highly touted free agent defenseman, Anton Volchenkov, would probably get $5.5-6 million. Volchenkov, who annually finishes in the top-five in blocked shots scored four goals and ten assists last season. He can block all the shots he wants, but that still does not make him or anyone else worth that amount of money.

With Rozsival set to earn only $4 million this season and $3 million next, his contract really is not the problem the Rangers have. The real task at hand is Wade Redden, who was left out of this write-up, essentially, because his contract is indefensible.

My advice to the Rangers, even if they have a slight interest, walk away from Volchenkov and run like hell from Hamhuis.


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