Twitter is the Place to be for NHL Fans During the Next Week

From tonight on through July 1, the most exciting week in the off-season will be underway. Beginning with the 2010 NHL Entry Draft tonight on Versus, we will no doubt see some moves made, and more leading all the way up until free agent frenzy which begins on the first of July.

Twitter has now enabled fans to receive information faster, from beat writers and insiders, than they would get by even checking the official website of their favorite team.

Beginning tonight, I will be Tweeting updates throughout the draft on selections and various swaps made throughout the evening. Also, for the first time in what seems like four or five years, I will be home on July 1, and will be giving as many updates as I can.

This is the place to be for hockey fans! Don’t miss out!

Please follow me @gcaggiano.

Also make sure to follow these independent bloggers: @RangersTribune, @BlueshirtBanter, @BlueSeatBlogs, @ScottyHockey, @5holeblog, and @TheNYRBlog.

The real insiders: @TSNBobMcKenzie, @DarrenDreger, @tsnjamesduthie, and @TSN_Mcguire.

To get a good laugh, there is always @Eklund.

Other accounts of note include the immortal @wyshynski and the Eklund runner-up @SunGarrioch. There is also @NYRNation, @PuckCentral and the Rangers beat writers @AGrossrecord, and @stevezipay.


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