4 comments on “Rangers Sign Feared Enforcer Derek Boogaard

  1. Wow, this is great news. We got the BOOGEYMAN and a decent backup for Hank. Last year at the trade deadline I advocated trading Chris Higgins for Biron, but sending Higgins to Calgary helped bring in Brandon Prust which was a great deal.

    Have to give Sather credit, at least for now these two free agent moves seem to have really improved the team as compared to forays from previous years, and involve a lot less money to boot. Now he just needs to dump Redden and try to bring in a legitimate first-line center. Maybe he can put the right package together for Marc Savard.

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  3. As a MN Wild hockey fan, I was wondering if you have any idea where I could buy the Derek and Aaron Boogaard fight camp t-shirt pictured in your article. We really miss him. Pray for the Boogaard family. Thanks. Jeanine Haws

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