“100 Ranger Greats” Trivia: Final Round!

This is the final round for the trivia contest, and as you can see, it’s going to be a photo-finish! And please, even if you have not entered before, why not give it a shot and test your Rangers knowledge anyway?

But first, the answers to round two trivia were:

1. Fred Shero

2. Gilles Villemure and Eddie Giacomin

3. Don Maloney

4. Andy Bathgate

5. Ron Greschner

Round Three Questions

1. Which defenseman had the nickname “Jeep”?

2. Which goaltender was known for heavily criticizing his teammates earning him the nickname of “The Mouth”?

3. Which goaltender once quipped, “My face is my mask”?

4. Which player’s reluctance to shoot the puck made fans chat “Shoot the puck _____!”?

5. Which forward was traded to Los Angeles for Bernie Nicholls in 1990?

Answers are due in by next Friday!

Leaderboard After Round Two

1st. Chris Hoeler (Ridgefield, CT)–9

2nd. Jim Haggerty (Bronx, NY)– 8

2nd. Randy Stewart (Freehold, NJ)–8

3rd. John Peek (Whitesboro, NY)–7

3rd. Mike McConeghy (Utica, NY)–7

3rd. Steve Weitzner (Irvine, CA)–7

3rd. Adam Bethon (Port Washington, NY)–7


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