Kovalchuk’s Contract Offer: A Lot Can Happen in Seventeen Years

Joe and I got to thinking about how ridiculous a seventeen year contract is, which is the supposed deal the New Jersey Devils offered Ilya Kovalchuk, according to the New York Post. Just think about how long 17 years is; that would be like the Rangers having a member of the 1994 Stanley Cup winning team still playing for them today. How crazy is that?

Kovalchuk himself would be 44 years old at the expiration of his contract.

So here are two lists, one showing what has happened in the last 17 years, and what could potentially happen in the next 17 years.

What Has Happened

-Super Nintendo was the main game console. Nintendo 64 did not even exist.

-Joe was in kindergarten, I was only two years old.

-Bill Clinton was banging Monica Lewinsky.

-The Rangers were good.

-OJ Simpson didn’t murder his wife.

-Chris Chelios was playing.

-VHS and Cassette tapes were state of the art.

-Hockey games ended in ties.

-Gary Bettman wasn’t ruining hockey…just yet.

-The Phoenix Coyotes did not exist.

-The Dolan’s did not own the Rangers.

-Computers were not mainstream, and not many owned them.

-Cell phones were heavier than a block of concrete.

-Pizza Hut was the cool place to be if you were a little kid.

-People didn’t die from eating Taco Bell.

Don’s ask me. I have no idea either.

What Can Happen

-Joe could get married, have kids, and send them through grade school.

-I could finish college and have been a teacher for fourteen years.

-Chris Chelios could still be playing.

-According to the Mayans, the world could end.

-The NHL will have expanded with leagues in Africa and Antarctica.

-HD TV’s will be obsolete.

-The Phoenix Coyotes will no longer exist.

-Beer will cost $25 at Madison Square Garden.

-Jim Balsillie will have almost bought nine teams.

-Cell phones will be micro chip implants in our fingernails.

-Babies will come out of the womb while typing on a laptop.

-Shootouts will decide hockey games in the playoffs.

-Russ Cohen and Adam Raider will publish a sequel to their book titled “150 Ranger Greats”.


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