Attention Film Lovers: Major Criterion Collection Sale at B&N

About two hours ago I received an email from Barnes and Noble announcing a major sale of all Criterion Collection DVD’s; a whopping 50% off. I swear by movies released by this company, because they put forth a superior product, and dedicate themselves to the preservation and restoration of films as an art form.

Criterion DVDs are also very expensive, meaning that I do not often by them. Out of the hundreds of films I own, I have only two from this company: Pier Paolo Pasolini’s shocking Salo: or the 120 Days of Sodom, and Terry Gilliam’s dystopian comedy Brazil. But today, I got so excited after getting this email that I ran to the store and bought two more (and will no-doubt be back again).

Though made in 1932, Dreyer’s film was a visionary work of horror.

The two films I had been wanting to buy for the last few months were very pricey, but this sale put a dent in that. So I picked up Carl Theodore Dryer’s Vampyr and my recently reviewed Che. Even with the 50% off they still came to more than what I would normally spend on a DVD, but they cannot be bought anywhere else for cheaper, so I consider it a wise investment.

The sale will continue now through August 2, and I highly suggest you take a trip to your local Barnes and Noble and check out their foreign or Art House sections to find terrific films at the best price they will ever be sold at.

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