New Jersey Devils Bring Back Ilya Kovalchuk

Just a very short post as we do not yet know the details of how long the contract is and how much money he will recieve.

The three week long saga is finally over and the Devils who had the “inside track” all along come through and sign Ilya Kovalchuk. No one is certain what the exact contract is but some are speculating that it is in fact the rumored 17 year deal from last week. Others are saying it is more around 7 years, which would be more logical.

The Devils are taking a huge risk here, because their cap situation will become even tighter due to this signing, and Zach Parise is up for restricted free agency next summer. This could have been Lamoriello’s way of showing that they are trusting the franchise to Kovalchuk, rather than their home-grown fan favorite.

As I am typing this, a Tweet was just posted by Eric Duhatshek, a sports writer for the Globe & Mail. He writes:

“Kovalchuk is 27; a 17-year deal, if correct, takes him to age 44, and the end of 2026-27 season; anyone think he’ll still be playing then?”

And this comes from a very reliable source in Russia, Dmitry Chesnokov:

“Kovalchuk’s deal is in excess of $100 million for 17 years. I am hearing out of Russia.”

It will be interesting to see what the final deal is, and hopefully we will have this information shortly. Please keep checking back.


One thought on “New Jersey Devils Bring Back Ilya Kovalchuk

  1. It’s amazing how the GM’s keep giving these massive contracts to players. I know you want the player but isn’t there a point where you think enough is enough. 17 years is unbelievable, I thought it was like a typo or something when I read it at first. These players are very good players, but as they get older it’s going to pose a problem as their play declines. Also, you think you could check out my article relating to this? I really want to hear your thoughts

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