A Cap Friendly (and Legal) Kovalchuk Contract

With the NHL’s rejection of Ilya Kovalchuk’s 17-year/$102 million contract, the New Jersey Devils will go back to the drawing board. Though I still firmly believe they will retain him, rumors will surely abound of other teams attempting to sign him. No matter where he goes, there is a way for a long-term deal worth major bucks to be handed out, and the best part is, it will be legal.

The contract will be a 13 year deal worth $84.5 million. It will be structured in a way that he will make $10 million per season for the first five years, $6.5 for the next three, $4.5 for the next one, and finally, $3.5 million for the last three years.

This new deal takes Kovalchuk until he turns 40, which is a much more reasonable age to still be playing at. The cap hit will now only be slightly higher, at $6.5 million. The Devils will still be able to afford him, and Kovalchuk could conceivably play out all 13 years.

For this deal, everyone would be happy. The Devils lock up their man, the NHL is satisfied, and Kovalchuk makes out like a bandit.


One thought on “A Cap Friendly (and Legal) Kovalchuk Contract

  1. Great post bud. I was so amazed when I saw that this contract had been rejected. I can’t remember a time where a contract has been rejected, people have been close but it hasn’t been rejected. But then again either way he’s still probably going to get double-digit years just not 17 years, which i still don’t understand for a guy like Kovalchuk. I don’t agree with these double digit contracts for anyone because of the fact that anything can happen. Age happens. Injuries happen. Declining play happens.

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