New York Rangers Future is Bleak; Lundqvist’s Prime Being Wasted

The Rangers have a habit of being able to sign any free agent they put their mind to. With Ilya Kovalchuk on the market this season, I figured they were going to make a beeline right for him, and sign who is perhaps the most skilled player to ever reach unrestricted free agency in NHL history.

Had they signed him, the Rangers could have had a core of Henrik Lundqvist, Marian Gaborik, Ilya Kovalchuk, Marc Staal, and Michael Del Zotto– a core that would have easily become one of the best in the league.

For the next four or five years, the Rangers would have had a chance at domination.

But instead, the Rangers chose to do nothing. The Penguins and Devils vastly improved their teams, the Eastern Conference champion Flyers stayed the same, and the Islanders have an abundance of young talent on the rise. The same can be said of the Rangers, but how often do their rookies actually pan out?

Plain and simple, the Rangers are wasting the talents of arguably the best goaltender in the world. They are sitting back and watching his prime slip away. With prospects such as Derek Stepan and Chris Kreider years away from development, the young players Dubinsky, Callahan, and Anisimov still not quite there, the Rangers are going to be a very good team in the future, but that future may include an older Henrik Lundqvist, one that won’t be as spry as he is now.

For the Rangers to make the playoffs this season, they are going to need a 30-goal rookie campaign from Mats Zuccarello-Aasen, and career years from the offensive trio mentioned above. But unfortunately, for Callahan and Dubinsky, I believe we have already seen all we are going to get from them.

If the Rangers go into October with this current lineup, it is not hard to envision a bottom-five finish.

It is easy to want to go into a win-now mode, but it is very hard to do. It takes years of prospect development, clever drafting, and even smarter free agent signings. The Rangers development is getting there, the drafting has been average, but the free agent signings are killing them.

But the signing of one player, Ilya Kovalchuk could have reversed that.

How many teams can sport two all-world players, capable of scoring 50 goals, and players who have never had talented centers and can do it all on their own? Not many.

Glen Sather may have recently said in an interview that he is “not done tinkering”, but who else is left out there? There is not one player available who can come into this lineup and lead them deep into the playoffs. The only player of high-caliber who the Rangers have ever been linked to is Brad Richards on the Dallas Stars, but by trading for him, would the Rangers really be better off?

Although it is speculated that Wade Redden will be waived at the end of training camp, it should have happened already. Not, “Let’s wait and see”, but right now.

During the dark years from 1997 until 2004, the Rangers teams were never very good, but had they been able to field a goaltender such as Henrik Lundqvist, they would have had a chance to make it. Before Henrik Lundqvist’s arrival, not one of the many goaltenders since Mike Richter were anywhere near what the team needed.

The Rangers waited almost a decade for a solid goaltender, after panning through the likes of Mike Dunham, Dan Blackburn, Jussi Maarkanen, Kirk Maclean, Guy Hebert, and many others not worthy of a mention. All those years of mediocre goaltending, but they still tried to stack the team with offensive talents, even though they did not pan out.

Now they have that goaltender, in his prime, and they are wasting it. They signed Gaborik last season and have called it a day ever since.

Waiving Wade Redden is a must, but in reality, does this team become a contender if he is gone? Personally, there probably won’t be any change in the end result, which will be missing the playoffs for a second season in a row.

I will give Sather the benefit of the doubt that he is not done toying with the lineup, but if he is, then the great fans of the New York Rangers will be in for another year of disappointments, one that will watch the great play of Henrik Lundqvist whither away right before our very eyes.


4 thoughts on “New York Rangers Future is Bleak; Lundqvist’s Prime Being Wasted

  1. Jim Haggerty


    You hit the nail on the head throughout this post. The Rangers have historically over-touted their draftees and farmhands, the only difference now is that there has been a gradual youth movement over the past few years no doubt necessitated by salary cap considerations. But while we hear a lot about their recent draftees the question remains how many will become top six forwards and top four defensemen.

    With the prospect for lean times while waiting to see if these draftees actually pan out at the NHL level, the Rangers should seriously consider trading HL for established young top-flight talent and/or high draft pick(s). As it currently stands HL sees more rubber than a brothel and it is taking a toll on him. As long as the Rangers have no legitimate shot at the Cup his talents are being wasted.

  2. smashmark


    Great posting and I agree 100%

    As a an avid reader of anything Rangers, all summer long, im so sick of people giving Sather credit for ANYTHING, as well as overtouting the players the Rangers have right now.

    but as you queried, how often do their rookies actually pan out? rarely.

    in addition to wasting Hank’s prime, they are also wasting Gaborik’s.

    i couldnt agree more about Callahan and Dubinsky — that we’ve already seen all we are going to get from them. Somehow, people seem to think that they will magically be better and score more, despite the fact that they were given EVERY opportunity to do that last year.

    Glen Sather’s lip service that he is “not done tinkering”, is just that, lip service.

    and with Redden, what are they waiting for?

    anyway, right no with your posting. You’ve captured the reality, not the fantasy of a kool-aid drinking fan that needs to believe that things will magically be better.

  3. Dave

    You have know idea what you talking about. Dubinsky Hasve 17 goals and 12 assists and Callahan has 10 goals and 17 assists. These guy still have a ton more years left in them. On top of that Lundquvist is sitll young.

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