Alexander Frolov is Not the Answer to the Rangers Problems

It seems like this week’s rumor, which is actually running pretty rampant this morning, is the New York Rangers being interested in free agent winger Alexander Frolov. Being that the Rangers have done absolutely nothing to help improve the team’s shoddy offense this summer, it almost seems like a no-brainer to bring the two-time 30-goal scorer to Broadway.

However, in a move that seems all too Rangeresque, Frolov is not currently coming off one of those 30 goal seasons, but one where he scored only 19 goals, the lowest amount since he was a rookie in the NHL in 2002, and being on the best Los Angeles Kings team since that year.

Frolov would lighten the burden of Marian Gaborik, to a degree, but it is not going to help the Rangers solve their offensive woes. At most, Frolov can be counted on for 25 goals, maybe the 30 that he has hit twice before, but what it seems we have here is Nikolai Zherdev V2.0.

Zherdev too came to the Rangers with a lot of skill, and the ability to make moves that brought people out of their seats, and score the highlight reel goal from time to time. That was all fine and dandy in October and November, but where was Zherdev has the season dredged onward? Nowhere to be found.

Frolov too has that ability, to make people go “wow”, but in coming off a season which he mightily struggled, I would be inclined to say “No Thanks”.

To show his streakiness, let’s take a look at some of his stats: He scored only two goals in November, and one in January, where the amount of games for those two months totaled 27. Twice he had ten game goal scoring droughts, and there were only four occasions where he scored goals in back to back games. He had two four-game point scoring streaks, both in October, and never matched that for the rest of the season.

Do we still think Frolov coming to New York is a good idea?

Sure he was good two years ago, but judging off of last season, he actually seems just like the player the Rangers would bring in; gauging the acquisition off of past success and not recent struggles. The Rangers must move on from this type of signing, unless they can get him at a bargain basement deal (he made $4 million last season).

The Rangers will not be worse off if they sign him, but they won’t be better either. Unless a superstar comes around, the Rangers should just put their wallet away and be patient.


2 thoughts on “Alexander Frolov is Not the Answer to the Rangers Problems

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