Paranormal File: Another Informative and Worthwhile Trip to the Spy House

It seems the majestic lure of the Spy House in Port Monmouth keeps bringing me back time again, and I always bring different people when I go, hoping to give them an experience. We parked across the street and got out, and as we walked towards the main gate of the fence, we heard a lady ask, “Looking for ghosts?”

I turned around and responded, “Yes.” It turns out, she, along with her husband, are the owners of Jersey Joe’s, a restaurant across the street, which we used their lot for parking. The building itself had been there a hundred years, and turned into a well known eatery by her late father-in-law. The other lady that was with the couple was standing by the fence trying to take pictures, but for some reason, the camera was not working.

As we were trying to figure it out, and waiting for the easily triggered motion-sensor lights to turn on, they told us stories of what had happened to them earlier in the day.

That afternoon, a lady had walked into their restaurant with what she referred to as a “Ghost Box”. Unable to get technical, I described to them what it might have been, which is what Jeff had told me about months earlier. If you take a digital radio and remove a certain piece from the inside so that it constantly scans for stations, it creates white noise, which can then be used to talk voice-to-voice with spirits.

Upon this lady’s entrance with the box turned on, all of a sudden they heard a voice come on and say, “My place!’. The husband was startled because it sounded like his late father, who built Jersey Joe’s. Random voices then started talking, including one that could not have been a coincidence.

The word “cancer” was then yelled,which was strange because  a member of their family had just been recently diagnosed with cancer. Then later they heard, “Seven”, which is the number of their house.

It seems that the entire area, and not just the Spy House is haunted. I have never eaten at this restaurant, but I hear it’s good and will have to try it soon in the day time.

She also told us the story of “Abigail’s Window”, which is a window on the front of the Spy House where the spirit of a former resident, Abigail, can be seen sitting. There was also another tale which I never heard before, and that is of a little boy who plays in the surrounding yard, pulling on the hair of visitors, most often little kids.

What they also noted as being strange is the fact that the new owners of the Spy House spent the last year (and lots of money) fixing the place up only to have it closed to the public. This seems like what Jeff and I feel is the case, and that is someone getting hurt inside by a spirit of some kind.

The history of the house also extends far past spies and pirates, but to a more recent time. The house was used for rum-running during Prohibition, and when you see its proximity to the beach behind it, you will know why.

In getting to the pirate, there was something else heard from the ghost box, and they were the words “Captain Tom”. They were not of any significance to anybody there, but could that be the name of the pirate who used the house as a station in the early 1700’s?

This was just a quick little write-up, but I would like to return with more questions for some of the locals to see if we can get more information.

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  1. Pat Luettchau says:

    I suggest you check out the “Spy House/Port Monmouth NJ” you will get more accurate information on the residence un-living there. You don’t want to be incorrect on what information you put out there, it would be bad for your reputatuion as a ” Ghost Hunter” and your web site.There was a Captain Tom there and a lot more residing inside and around te outside area. If you want to see the “Taps ” program of the place in Perth Amboy NJ you investigated, go to your ” On Demand ” chanel #1 and look for TV shows you should see a list for the Scyfi channel and taps, or just go to web site and you can find it there.

    I hope I was of some help to you guy’s good luck and keep on hunting.

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