Frolov Discusses Signing with Rangers; Commentary from Russ Cohen

You are entering the Frolov zone.

Quotes from Alex Frolov himself are slowly making their way to Twitter, and we have these from Arthur Staple of Newsday:

“I probably thought free agency would go faster, maybe easier than this. I had a chance to go to Russia. It was a tough decision.”

-Maybe because nobody wanted to shell out big bucks to a player who scored 19 goals last season and was relegated to playing on the third line?

“I decided to take the 1-year deal, then next year we can talk more long-term. I know what I can bring to the Rangers.”

-Good thing it’s only a one year deal; no harm, no foul. As for what you can bring, I hope it’s a lot more than what I am expecting.

“In my whole career, I’ve been to the playoffs once. I wanted a chance to get there again and win a Stanley Cup.”

-Then why on earth would you come to the Rangers?

These next ones come from Andrew Gross of the Bergen Record:

“…I think New York is probably the best place for me to be right now.”

-Yes, cause us fans love Russian enigmas. Zherdev v2.0 is the label he is already getting, but I’m thinking more along the lines of Alexei Kovalev’s second stint on Broadway.

“I probably could have made more in Russia, sometimes you have to think about something else…”

-You could have made a lot more in Russia, and played in a stress-free environment, at least when compared to New York. And what else were you considering? I know $3 million is pocket change to some people, so maybe the lavish New York lifestyle perhaps?

Lastly, we have some great quotes from Russ Cohen who told me, “Alexander Frolov has a lot of skill but sometimes makes one too many moves on the ice and that tends to frustrate viewers. He’s not a complete player and his numbers have been in decline each of the last three seasons.”

And he basically echoes my mentality of the whole situation when he says, “He’s the type of player a team might bring in to put them over the top rather than taking a potential roster spot away from a young player.”


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