New York Rangers Ink Winger Alexander Frolov

Just about twenty-four hours after writing about how signing Alexander Frolov is not the answer to the New York Rangers problems, it has been announced that the Rangers have reached a deal with the Russian-born left winger for one year at $3 million.

Frolov is coming off the worst season of his career, putting aside his rookie campaign, and one that saw him benched and then relegated to third line duty by head coach Andy Murray for a lack of work ethic.

Although this deal does not break the bank, the Rangers are really not in much better shape with him than they were without him. Frolov could give the Rangers 20 goals and 50 points, but this team was in need of a star-like player, one that they did not get and should have stood pat because of. By December, he will be labeled the second coming of Nikolai Zherdev, mark my words.

The bright side to this is the fact that he is a bit more defensively responsible than Zherdev, and is only two years removed from a thirty-goal season. This move just reeks of a good ole fashioned Glen Sather reclamation project, but because it is a one year deal, it will not harm the Rangers future.

I’m still not crazy about this, but it could be worse, like Frolov being 38 instead of 28.

Article coming later on my projected forward line combinations for the Rangers on opening night.


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