Rangers Deal Brashear and Rissmiller to Atlanta for Todd White

White scores on former Rangers goalie Steve Valiquette.

Glen Sather showed why he is still a competent General Manager with his latest wizardry of a trade. The Rangers ship out two players, who never worked out and who would have never played another game in the NHL for them, to the Atlanta Thrashers for center Todd White.

Many are speculating that the Rangers are going to then waive White to free up cap space and make the move a complete salary dump, but either way, this is great for the Rangers.

Donald Brashear was never going to suit up again for the Rangers after some comments he made towards the end of last season and his subpar play beforehand. Because he is over 35, his contract put the Rangers between a rock and a hard place, as they could not waive him. Rissmiller too never worked out, and he has spent the last two full seasons in the minors, save for two games with the team in 2008.

Should the Rangers decide to keep White, they are getting a decent middle-tier center. He is 35 years old and has 635 games of experience divided between the Thrashers, Senators, Wild, Flyers, and Blackhawks. He also has 140 goals and 239 assists for 379 points.

White is just one season removed from a 73 point campaign where he centered Ilya Kovalchuk. When looking at his full seasons in the NHL, his career low is 29 points, which he reached twice, both last year and in 2003/04, but he was injured in each of those. He has hit the 40 point mark four times, including one 50 point season, and one 60.

There really is no room for Todd White on this roster, and because Dubinsky, Drury, and Anisimov are here to stay, he would only be battling Erik Christensen and Brian Boyle, but Christensen is almost ensured a spot, as well, on the top line with Gaborik.

Clearly Sather has something else up his sleeve. Perhaps another salary dump is yet to come, unless they simply waive White.


One thought on “Rangers Deal Brashear and Rissmiller to Atlanta for Todd White

  1. Tom Dwyer

    A god move by Sather???? I am dumbfounded!!
    Tom Dwyer
    Blarney Rock Pub Happy Hour every day…50pm to 800pm
    west 33rd street

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