Site News: Twitter Updates, FNYTSF’s Logo Unveiled

It was about time we got a logo for this blog, one that represented the various topics covered, including sports, movies, and history. I’m not much of a Photoshop wizard, but I managed to draw up the logo below, to be used from now on. It will not be on display on the blog’s header, because that will completely throw everything out of whack, but it will be on display as our Twitter page’s profile picture.

My new Twitter account is now and not the old one, because in my stupidity, I accidentally deactivated it while trying to reset my password. Please help me get my follower totals back to where they were!

As you can see, it is paying homage to some of my favorite people, all of which have been talked about on this site. Of course that is me in the middle, and my beard is not really as thick as it seems, but due to the wonders of tinting and editing, I could give Che Guevara a run for his money.

On the left side underneath the Ranger logo, we have Brian Leetch and Henrik Lundqvist. Representing the Giants are Barry Bonds and Time Lincecum. In both occurrences, it represents my favorite player from the past, then for the present.

Across the bottom, we have my favorite director, Stanley Kubrick, along with historical figures Sir Henry Clinton, Governor William Franklin, legendary frontiersman David Crockett, and of course, one of my favorite actors, John Wayne.

I hope you enjoy!

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