ABC’s “What Would You Do?” Shows There is Still Some Humanity Left

I am one of those people that think the human race is heading downhill, and fast. We see it everyday, people treating others like garbage, and simple things like not showing common courtesy by doing something so insignificant as holding a door open for you.

Just when I thought all hope was lost, I started watching a show on ABC called What Would You Do?

In each episode, they stage scenes using actors in public, trying to see if regular people walking nearby will do anything to intervene. Hidden cameras are placed all around, capturing every moment. There are even behavioral psychiatrists and psychologists on hand at the studio to explain why certain things happen, and to analyze what the audience is watching.

These scenarios have included an actor posing as a drunk, about to get into his car, and within minutes, people surround him and convince him not to drive, and offer to buy him coffee so he won’t drive drunk. People even went so far as to call 911, but local police stations are always made aware of when they are filming. After the situation plays on for a few minutes, the host, John Quinones, comes in and talks to the people, asking why they intervened.

More often than not, there are personal stories involved, and how they can see themselves or family and friends being harmed by the activity at hand.

Every episode contains something like this, and tonight’s show included an overweight woman sitting on a bench, while three teenagers harass her about her weight. People pass by at first, not wanting to get involved, but then people jump in, including a guy who was about to start punching the three, but the host intervened.

This show is so great because the actors do a great job at making the scenarios realistic enough that people will jump in. It is also the only reality show worth it’s weight in salt.

I highly recommend you check this show out, which airs Tuesdays at 10pm, because it will make you feel good, and give you a warm feeling inside. All hope may not be lost just yet, and this series proves that there may be some humanity left after all.

One thought on “ABC’s “What Would You Do?” Shows There is Still Some Humanity Left

  1. Matthew Montgomery

    I have to disagree — this show only seems to indicate that people want to watch — or, at least, will watch — a show that amounts of little more than a stab at aping “Candid Camera” with a more … “serious” bent. There are plenty of opportunities to see people genuinely caring for one another, even on broadcast news. This show does little more than make a mockery of real, quality journalism.

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