My Letter to Jim Schmiedberg of Blueshirt Banter

Last week when I was vacationing in Pennsylvania, Jim Schmiedberg of Blueshirt Banter informed me that the New York Rangers were trying to get the NHL to ban him from attending and covering future NHL drafts. This shocked me along with everyone else, and is just the latest in a string of insults thrown at us bloggers trying to cover the team.

He wanted me to call into the radio show that night, but I was unable. Instead, I typed out the statement below and sent it to Jim so he could read it on the air in my stead. Because of car trouble, it was delayed and Jim was not able to read it until tonight.

Dear Jim,

I’m actually glad I could not call in tonight, because what I would have said would not have been as calm and relaxed as this tightly knit statement. To tell you the truth, I don’t know why we even root for this team anymore, when all they do, year after year, is give us reasons to hate them. Whether it was making me remove my interview with Chad Johnson, or trying to get you banned from NHL drafts, they never cease to amaze me.

This team has caused me so much stress and anger over the last few years, that when I die, the Rangers can walk past my grave, look at my headstone, and say, “I put you in there.”

You and I are the same, as are Nick, Joe, and Eddie. All we are are fans trying to give a different perspective on the game as the professionals are. We do a damn good job at it, if I may say so myself. That is the reason why they give us so much trouble, because they know we have a voice that people will listen to, one that they will even listen to before the actual reporters. I know for a fact they have been on my site and they have been on yours.

Although they hate us, I feel honored in a way that a simple fan can cause them so much unneccesary trouble. It’s actually kind of funny to sit back and look at their reactions.

This team, this franchise, is a Mickey Mouse team. I do not know why they want to ban you from future NHL drafts, but there is not a reason they could possibly give that would make any sense. But they are the Rangers; they haven’t made sense since 1994.

You and I are free publicity to them, publicity that could have been positive had they not treated us like absolute garbage. They will never learn. To Nick and Joe, I do not know if you guys want this for a career, but if you do, you should both get your heads checked. You two have been witnesses and participants of this nonsense time and time again, and you guys should not honor them with your presence.

All I want in life is to finish college and become a high school history teacher. Any aspirations I had for working for this team that I have loved since childhood are long gone. It wold be rather sad if it was not a much needed wake-up call.

So is the way of the world, unfair and ripe with idiocy.

I thank you for letting me submit this statement to you. I wish I could elaborate more, but I am hogging the complimentary computer in the hotel lobby. I think I will wear a glove with four fingers on it from now on, that way when people ask what happened to the other one, I can say I gave it to the Rangers.

Aur revoir and don’t have a stroke,


One thought on “My Letter to Jim Schmiedberg of Blueshirt Banter

  1. Greg.
    I have been a Ranger fan since I was eight years old in 1948. When I opened The Rock in 1969, I paid a lot of $$$ to be the first in 1970 to have cable TV, thus having The Ranger home games on so our customers could watch the Ranger and Knick home games. It was a rocking year!!
    Since The Dolans hired Mr. Sather, it has been very painful to watch as they continued playing the best fans in the world as fools. Keep paying the high prices for dissappointing results.
    I have one question……how in the hell will this go on???
    Until The Dolans leave and take Sather and Isiah with them??
    Tom Dwyer and crew of The Blarney Rock

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