New York Rangers Bring Back Marc Staal

After a summer of worrying, speculation, and negotiations, the New York Rangers finally come to terms with their cornerstone defenseman Marc Staal, who according to TSN’s Bob Mackenzie, has signed a five-year deal worth $19.875 million. The dollar amount per season is $3.975 million.

This is a great signing for the Rangers at a bargain price. All summer long we worried that Staal was going to ask for too much money, and the Rangers get him for less than what I was even expecting; somewhere in the $4.5 million range, a price he is not worth, but could ask for.

In locking up Staal to this long-term deal for under $20 million, the Rangers also bought his first two years of unrestricted free agency, and ensured themselves that they will have their franchise defenseman for the foreseeable future. On the open market two years from now, Staal could have easily fetched $5 million.

Staal, 23, has played three seasons for the Rangers, improving his offensive output in each year. He reached a career high with 27 points last season, and was a +11 on a team who had a majority of minus players. I would love to see Staal improve his offensive game yet again, but he is here for his defense, something he struggled with for the first half of last season. But he was able to pick it up and finish on a high note, something he will hopefully bring into next season.

The Rangers got a bargain here, folks. I don’t see anything at all to complain about.


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