New York Rangers New Third Jersey Leaked

In March, this blog broke the news that the New York Rangers would be wearing a third jersey for the 2010/11 season. In June, this was confirmed by SNY, and ever since, we have been waiting to see what the Rangers new jersey will look like. Ownership has been silent, and only recently they have released an anniversary patch commemorating the team’s 85 years in the NHL. It was then speculated that the jersey would be paying homage to one of their older designs.

When I first reported on the new jersey, I heard that it was a strong possibility that it would say “New York” across the front. This was scoffed at originally, but still, no one could come up with an ulterior design that made sense. But today, we may have a picture of what the mystery jersey looks like.

On Sean Avery’s own blog, he posted this following picture. It has since been sent to SNY where they first reported on it:

There has been no confirmation that this is in fact the jersey, but why else would Sean Avery be wearing it? Here we have a retro looking jersey, “New York” across the front, and a navy blue color, something that was also hinted at. There is also the neck lace that the Rangers have always had.

One would have to think that the Rangers would not want to show off and premiere their new jersey in a blog post made by a player of Sean Avery’s nature, and I would not be surprised if the picture vanishes from his website sometime soon. Once again, we have no idea if this is the jersey, but I would have to believe that it is.


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