New York Rangers Need to Bring Back the Old Saxophone Intro

The New York Rangers are choosing the 2010/11 season as one to commemorate the past 85 years. Although I am opposed to this, citing this anniversary as one stuck in between 75 and 100, and an anniversary that does not have much to celebrate, I am for one piece of nostalgia being brought back.

When I was growing up, watching the Rangers religiously developed in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. There was not one thing that could get me more pumped up for a game than the Rangers intro song, played just before the game was scheduled to start. This theme song, had a very jazzy sound, and fit perfectly with the video they showed behind it, one that honored the legends of the past, 1994, and the current stars of the team, all before a Rangers logo came on the screen and exploded to the sound of Sam Rosen welcoming fans to the broadcast.

Created in 1992, it was used until 1999 when it was dropped for a more modern sounding theme. The song was then brought back in 2001, where it was used until at least one season after the lockout.

The bringing back of this video could honor the past and the present all in one shot, and not be something obtrusive. To be honest, I do not know one person that has anything negative to say about the old intro, only the fact that it was pulled off the air a few seasons after the lockout. If I remember correctly, it was used every game in 2005/06, sparingly in 2006/07, and then gone by 2007/08. I think a lot of fans were discouraged by this, and to this day the only way we can hear this classic tune is by going on Youtube.

I’m not going to start a movement or petition to bring this back, because I don’t think the Rangers would listen to me if I did. But if someone else wants to start one, then by all means go for it– you will have my support. I truly believe this piece of Rangers history needs to be brought back and flaunted, because it was something we loved, and no other team had.


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