“Ace of Cakes” Chef to Present Rangers with Cake at Home Opener

Well, it’s better than last year’s corny disaster which was the “Blue Man Group” performing on the ice for the New York Rangers home opener. The moment, which had promise of being a very cool aspect of a season opener ended up being a failure, with fans saying to themselves, “Only the Rangers.”

This year’s festivities will be a little bit different, and hopefully the good intention will turn into a good outcome. Chef Duff Goldman, of the Food Network’s Ace of Cakes will be presenting the Rangers with a cake at center ice tomorrow. It will in all likelihood be an anniversary cake, as the Rangers are commemorating their 85 years in the National Hockey League, this season.

Duff, who is a big hockey fan, has appeared on his show numerous times wearing hockey jerseys, and is a fan of the Rangers. Knowing his abilities, I am sure that as long as Rangers PR doesn’t censor his cooking (that was a joke), the cake will be a hit.

There is no word on what else is planned for tomorrow night. Though it should not be as big as their 75th anniversary, which was quite an evening, there should be some more surprises in store for the pregame ceremony, and probably throughout the game. This piece of information has come from the Rangers Twitter account, so keep an eye on it for more updates.

There is also another rumor floating around about a singer who will be performing a home town song before the game. No one knows who it will be, but Ace Frehley’s name has come up, and “New York Groove” will be the song.


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