Class Still Alive in the Hockey World: Campbell Apologizes to Prust

Photo source: AP

Saturday night when the New York Rangers and Boston Bruins squared off for another intense game of Original Six rivalry, there was an incident that ended up not being as bad as originally thought, thankfully. Towards the end of the second period, Brandon Prust had the puck behind the net when he was accidentally high-sticked by the Bruins’ Gregory Campbell.

The stick caught Prust above the eye and no one knew how severe the injury was until after the game was over. Though his actual eye was fine, Prust was sent to the hospital to get it checked out. His eye is now so swollen that he must wear a visor for the immediate future, and the coloring is off as well. This injury came after yet another hard-fought game by Prust, who got into a fight with Milan Lucic in the first period.

It has now been three days since the incident that no one has really given much thought to because it was an accident and not a dirty play. But today, Andrew Gross and other sources are reporting that Prust told them that Campbell called to apologize for what happened and said he needed to be more careful with his stick.

This is a very classy move by Campbell, who obviously did not have any intent to injure and has never been a dirty player throughout his career. This is just a brief post, but I wanted to say hats off to Mr. Campbell for showing that class and sportsmanship is still alive and well in hockey.

Due to the injury, Prust will obviously not be able to fight any time soon, which is a major part of his game, but he will continue to kill penalties, something he has thrived at doing so far this season.


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