Classical Music Experiencing a Resurgence…in TV Commercials

There are certain pieces of music that are instantly recognizable to almost everybody. You hear the first few notes and realize it is something that you have heard over and over again. But then there comes a time when someone asks you if you have ever heard that piece of music that you have recognized your entire life. You are confused at the question and shake your head no, because you know absolutely nothing about classical music…or so you think.

The fact is, the music written by Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, and countless others is music that has survived for hundreds of years. It outlived its composers, and it will outlive every single generation on earth until the end of time. In this new-age where music is getting worse instead of better, people tend to forget the classics as new pop-garbage, such as the likes of Justin Bieber and 95% of everyone else that came after the 1980’s, emerge into popularity.

But this classical music has always been here, and just when I thought it would go all but forgotten in mainstream media, three commercials released in what seemed like a week apart from one another feature three of the most well known “tunes” ever written.

First off, we have a commercial advertising Direct TV Cinema, in which the “Lacrimosa” from Mozart’s Requiem is being played. At first I loved the commercial, but now that it has been played to excess, it is more annoying than soothing. Still, I don’t mind the music, just the idiot who gets hit in the neck with a dart.

Secondly, we have the Windows Phone 7 with Edward Grieg’s “In the Hall of the Mountain King” which is apart of the Peer Gynt Suite. Out of the three commercials mentioned here, this one was used the most uniquely and was highly fitting of what the images were on-screen.

And lastly, how can we go through classical music without Richard Wagner coming up in some way? Though the first two mentioned are beyond famous, Wagner’s “The Ride of the Valkyries” or “Die Walkure” are recognized by everyone, and I mean everyone, even upon hearing just the first note. This is used to advertise the new Nissan Juke, and although I would never buy a car like that, I enjoyed the music.

I think everyone should go out there and give classical music a shot. Sure I like my rock music and could listen to Neil Young, Pink Floyd, and Led Zeppelin all day, but these pieces that have stood the test of time are something very special and important. Give it a try; you won’t believe what you already know.

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  1. Mama L says:

    For everyone who finds Edmond (Oklahoma) Hyundai’s commercials repetitive and irritating, the ‘driving’ beat of that particular melody is firmly grounded in its source-music; y ‘all, look it up:
    Khachaturian’s “Sabre Dance,” from Gayane[h] (a ballet!).

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