New York Rangers Showing Interest in Jarome Iginla?

According to a reliable source on Twitter, the New York Rangers and Los Angeles Kings are actively pursuing Calgary Flames’ right-winger Jarome Iginla. The source, @incarceratedbob, has called numerous signings and trades in all sports, sometimes weeks before they happen, and can be considered a solid outlet for rumors. He is also a regular personality on WFAN. His Tweet, which announced the rumor, came about five hours ago:

**NHL RUMOR** Sources confirm Rangers / LA Kings are actively pursuing Jerome Iginla. Calgary Flames are listening to offers for the sniper.

**NHL RUMOR** Sources have confirmed Rangers have jumped in trade talks with Flames in regards to acquiring Iginla / Talks heating up.

He later goes on to respond to other people’s questions with suggestions that the Flames would want at least one of the Rangers young defenseman, and possibly Derek Stepan. He also notes that Frolov would most likely not be wanted and that there is absolutely nothing imminent just yet—but if Calgary continues to slide out of the playoff picture, it would become more likely.

Iginla, like the rest of his team, is having a disastrous campaign. In 17 games this season, he has only put up three goals and seven assists for ten points, while being a minus-seven. The Flames captain is 33 years old and has played in more than a thousand games, while registering 444 goals and 486 assists. Though he would be a valued voice in the locker room, and would bring additional toughness to a team that is already proving to be more ornery than last season, it would not be worth sacrificing the future to bring him in. He may not be ancient, but he is on the wrong side of 30 and just how much more gas does he have left in the tank?

With two more years on his contract at a cap hit of $7 million per, I would just say no, unless the Rangers can swing a deal that sends Chris Drury north of the border, while sacrificing the fewest prospects and youth as possible. I think the Rangers have some good camaraderie in the locker room but are in desperate need of some backbone. Iginla can bring a Mark Messier-type leadership to this franchise, though this team is nowhere near ready for a championship run.

You may also be asking why Darryl Sutter would want to trade his captain. If you remember correctly, Glen Sather was able to rob him blind last season by dumping Alex Kotalik and Chris Higgins in Calgary for a rental of Olli Jokinen and a solid bottom six forward in Brandon Prust. On top of that, Sutter just traded his own son yesterday—I would say anything is possible.

Though I would take him if the right deal came around, the Rangers should instead be focusing on trying to land a number one center, something that is much more important than adding more depth on the wings.


One thought on “New York Rangers Showing Interest in Jarome Iginla?

  1. Jumbo


    It is ironic that Brent Sutter did very well as coach of the Devils but he apparently wanted to be closer to home as coach of the Flames and he is not faring as well.

    I heard rumors last season of friction between him and Iginla. I agree with your post 100%, the only way the Rangers should make the trade is if they can dump Drury and his onerous no-move conract while minimizing the number of prospects they’d have to include. Iginla’s contract runs one year longer than Drury’s but he is a top six forward and he is the better value.

    I see that Iginla was originally drafted by the Dallas Stars but he was traded to Calgary with Corey Millen for Joe Nieuwendyk. Ironically Corey Millen was once a collegiate playmaking center ice prospect of the Rangers similar to Derek Stepan, but he never really panned out in the NHL. I still can’t shake the notion that the current crop of Ranger prospects is being overhyped because that has been the case for many years, but I hope I am proven wrong.

    Although Iginla is a left wing, if the Rangers acquire him it might not be a bad idea to give him a shot at center. I think he played center in junior hockey and a line of Iginla-Frolov-Gaborik would be intruiguing if Frolov can step up his level of play.

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