Rangers Report: Parenteau Mocks Blueshirts After Goal; Alarming Defense Against Islanders

Today it was reported in the New York Post that after the Islanders scored at the 14:10 mark of the third period to tie the game 5-5, P.A Parenteau, a former Rangers forward who got the primary assist on the Blake Comeau goal, skated by the Rangers bench and “mocked” them, according to Sean Avery, who later added, “It was the wrong move for a guy like that.” Exactly what kind of “guy” is Parenteau? Just another career minor leaguer and scrub who was given plenty of chances to succeed with the Rangers last season, who now holds a grudge against the team for not re-signing him (or is he just angry he’s stuck on the Islanders?)

Bottom line is, the move was purely classless, and the Rangers responded just 25 seconds later with the game-winning goal by Marian Gaborik, on assists from Sean Avery and Erik Christensen. Many fans were torn last season over exactly what to do with Parenteau—obviously he did show some flashes of skill, especially in a shootout, but then he would go on disappearing acts and remind us why the 27-year-old minor league “star” only had five games of NHL experience before last season, and a grand total of 49 if you include games played up until last night. I know the Islanders haven’t been competitive for some time, so its possible that playing the Rangers is like their version of the Stanley Cup, and let’s be honest, competitive regular season games six times a year may be as close as they ever come to that.

Meanwhile, the Rangers should really be alarmed at how they have played against the Islanders this season. It does not matter if the Isles wake up for these games or not, but the truth is, the Rangers have essentially sucked (as much as I hate to use that word, it’s really the only one that fits) this season against the Islanders, a team that Larry Brooks today called, “An NHL club with a minor league roster.”

The Islanders, in 23 games, have scored a whopping 51 goals; 11 of them have been against the Rangers in only two games. I also love how the Rangers broadcast team last night worked the jinxes to perfection. Before the game started, it was Joe Micheletti who called Martin Biron the most consistent player on the team. About an hour later, Biron was yanked in what was he shakiest start of the season. Then we have to hear about how the Islanders had only scored more than two goals once in the last thirteen games. Lo and behold, they would score five last night. And finally, poor Blake Comeau, who only had three goals all year, two of which were against the Rangers the first time these two teams met. Guess who scores the Islanders fifth goal? Yep, you get the idea. Oh, and Comeau now had five of his thirteen points on the season against the Rangers.

I don’t know what it is as to why the Rangers are always sloppy against the Islanders, who sit in last place in the entire league. It can’t be arrogance, contrary to what Avery says they need, because the Rangers are not too amazing themselves. But the Islanders are a shell of a franchise who might as well be wearing Bridgeport Sound Tiger jerseys, and the Rangers can do nothing less than go down to the wire with them time and time again, and most often, of late, come up on the losing end.


3 thoughts on “Rangers Report: Parenteau Mocks Blueshirts After Goal; Alarming Defense Against Islanders

  1. Jim Haggerty


    Your last two posts about last night’s game made me realize just how bad the Islanders have become under Charles Wang’s ownership. It was sad to read how the Coliseum was far from sold out last night. Thirty years ago, the Rangers-Islanders rivalry was as intense as any in pro sports, and as a Ranger season ticket holder I would circle the dates on the calendar when the Islanders were visitng the Garden. Much was made about the venom that Cleveland Cavalier fans showed LeBron James last night, but that was the norm every time the Islanders came to the Garden. Despite having perennial high draft picks, the Islanders have only one potential star in John Tavares. Rick DiPetro is a middling goaltender and most of the rest of the roster are no-names that will be never develop into star players. This is a sad turn of evernts because the Islanders were once the pre-eminent franchise in the game and aside from the Gretzky-Messier Oilers no team has even won consecutive Stanley Cups since the Islanders won four in a row from 1980-83. It is also sad to see that they have no real link to the players who were on those Cup-winning teams; it is possible they don’t want to be associated with this now moribund franchise. It is not beyond the realm of possiblity that the Islanders could be seriously considered for contraction if the league decides to go that route. There is no way anyone could have foreseen this being a possibility even ten years ago. For the sake of the franchise, some weathy Long Islander should step up and buy the franchise from Wang and help restore it to its previous glory.

    1. Kansas City is calling. I do not even say that as a taunt; it is what is best for that franchise. As long as they are on Long Island, in that arena, good players or not they will never succeed.

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