3 comments on “A PC American Holiday Vol. 2: The Evil Mystique of Santa Claus

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  2. I am wowed at this artical about ‘Claus’, for school I am suposto make a colage about Christmas and what it has become. I will be thinking of your points to help make a topic to build apone.
    For a topic to think about for vol. 3: what has the star turned into? I say that christ turned into santa, angles into snowmen and the star turned into the tree with presents underneath. What I say the holaday season turned into; a big time for ‘Mr. Walmart’ and other ‘people’ to scam us into coffing up our money to bye junk that will go to the trash in six weeks. Yes in six weeks we won’t care for anything we got, and hafe the stuff will go to the garbage now and the rest later, think about it. Plus its better to give than reseve, it always is.
    (refrences: ‘the story of stuff’ and my teachers:)

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