26 comments on “Conversation with Film and Theater Actor Brian Mallon

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  4. Thank you for conducting that very interesting and thorough interview with Brian Mallon. I am thankful we have a confirmation about the director’s cut of “Gods and Generals.” There are some amazing scenes in the director’s cut. When I saw it at one of the special screenings it was about 5 1/2 hours so unless some parts of that are trimmed for whatever reason, that should be the length. How exciting that it is only 4 months away! Thank you Ron Maxwell for bringing this to DVD. You can be sure there are plenty of fans who will buy this right away when it is released. I think there is still an audience for epic historical films so hopefully The Last Full Measure will eventually be made. Look at the success of the HBO miniseries “John Adams.”

    • Thank you! And although TLFM doesn’t look like it will be made now, who knows. The next four years are the 150th anniversary of the war, so if it’s gonna happen, it will be then.

  5. What a fabulous interview!! Thank you for an in depth look at brilliant
    actor. I am looking forward to seeing Brian Mallon on screen again.
    It will be fascinating to see new General Hancock scenes in the two movies.
    Thanks again, Chris Q.

  6. I have been looking for the Video War is Kind made during the shooting of Gods and Generals I believe. Can you help me find a spot to order this from. Thank you

  7. While filming the movie “Killer Angels” later retitled Gettysburg, I had the opportunity to
    be one of the reenactors that Mallon talked about visiting the camps on the set at night.
    One of the Assistant Director’s asked if he could bring one of the actors over the gain a feel and it was Brian Mallon. As was typical then and now guys started to bring out instruments and songs were sung and flasks were passed about. Mallon was with us to the wee hours signing and we even got him to do a couple of songs in Gaelic. Since set calls were early he and we got very little sleep. His first scene that day was when he rides over the Stannard’s Brigade and orders it forward to flank Kemper. He proceeds to rip his hand on the pummel of the saddle and is bleeding badly, enough that they had to bandage his hand. You can’t see it because of the gloves.

    The orginal version of the Gettysburg movie was 5:37 long. I happended to see it at the Civil War Institute at Gettyburg College. It was suppose to be a mini series but MAxwell wanted on the big screen. Picketts charge was the full length from the time they closed the guns and marched forward. Some good scenes of Devil’s Den are missing. Hopefully the mistake of never releasing the full cut will be corrected.

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  9. Greg,
    Thank you so much for your comments and interview with Brian Mallon. He has been my favorite actor since I first saw Gettysburg in 1993, and it is wonderful to know someone else feels the way I do about his acting. I had never heard of Mr. Mallon until I saw the film and his acting just drew me in. I don’t think I ever saw such natural and flawless acting; it was like he was channeling the real Hancock. I am thrilled to know that a longer version of Gods and Generals is coming with much more screen time for Mallon. We fans don’t get to see enough of this brilliant actor, so I can’t wait to see the it! And, any way you could put up more photos? Please keep me posted on Brian Mallon!

    • Thank you and I’m glad you enjoyed it! Will try to find some more screenshots of Brian as Hancock, or you could visit his official site (linked in article) for more on his entire career.

      • Greg,
        Can you please update us when you find out any info regarding the two movies Brian Mallon says are coming out in late spring? Thank you.

      • Brian’s Irish Brigade documentary just premiered on the Smithsonian Channel March 17. Still waiting to hear of a DVD release.

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  12. Greg, just wanted to tell you that you are a fabulous interviewer! You ask interesting questions and cover what we want to know! Keep up the great work here. I know you are going to have a wonderful career! How did you get to be so good so young?!

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