New York Rangers Tickets for Sale

Calling all New York Rangers fans, my friend has sent me a list of tickets for games he has for sale. He is a season ticket holder, but in order to buy Knicks tickets, the money-hungry Madison Square Garden and Co. made him buy a mini-plan, which he has no use for. Below are some games for sale:

Thursday, February 27 vs Los Angeles Kings

Thursday, March 3 vs Minnesota Wild

Tuesday, March 22 vs Florida Panthers

Thursday, April 7 vs Atlanta Thrashers

All seats are in section 114, row F. Price for each pair is $212 (face value) but he said he is willing to take a little bit less. Please contact the seller at


2 thoughts on “New York Rangers Tickets for Sale

  1. Jim Haggerty


    How times have changed! Back when I had season tickets in Section 413, they were $4 per game. The Garden allowed you to pay half the money before September 1st then the other half by December 1st. Section 114, Row F used to be the orange seats and I think they ran about $20-$25 per seat. The other bygone is that 80% of the games were on Wednesday and Sunday nights and that lent a great degree of predictability. There was the occasional Thursday, Friday, or Monday game, never on Tuesday and rarely on Saturday because those were the nights when the Knicks usually played their games.

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