New Civil War Section for Upcoming News, Films, and Events

The year, 2011, now marks the 150th anniversary of the American Civil War, and because of that, almost weekly we are hearing of new events and upcoming film projects that plan to be released in the next four years. If you are an avid reader of this site, you now know about the planned premiere and release of the Gods and Generals Director’s Cut, as well as one for Gettysburg. I have been in further contact with Brian Mallon in the last few days, and though I cannot say anything just yet, there may be some even bigger news coming here to FNYTSF.

There is also the Steven Spielberg film about Abraham Lincoln coming out in the next few years, and now whispers are floating around about a massive TV miniseries titled, To Appomattox, which will cover the entire war ala Band of Brothers and John Adams style. That will no doubt be spectacular.

So please keep checking back on this site and section for any news surrounding the Civil War anniversary, and of course, I have billed this site as the unofficial news outlet for Gods and Generals. I also must mention again at how kind and helpful Mr. Mallon has been, for reasons other than the interview. It truly is amazing at how some people whom you have never even met will go out of their way to try to help you. He also informed me that director Ron Maxwell read the interview and loved it, and that really makes me happy because it was his two Civil War films that turned me into the enthusiast I am today. We also plan on meeting up at the premiere in Manassas if I am able to get down there, which I am going to try very hard to do.

Just in case anyone else is wondering about the poster advertising the G & G director’s cut that appeared in my last article, I made it on Photoshop. Feel free to use it until Warner Brothers releases the official one.

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  1. Steven Hancock says:

    Apparently, the program “To Appomattox” already has a website with a cast list. Not sure if this is 100% viable, but look and see:

    Cast looks intriguing. Hope it’s done well!

    God bless!

    1. gcaggiano says:

      It’s their official website. The cast list looks good, but they are only pending. Half of them will probably not be there when filming starts.

      1. Steve Hancock says:

        It does get updated, I’ve noticed. No names have been changed as of yet (Hopefully, Will Patton as Lee won’t change. I think that could be fantastic!), but one name has been added each day. Yesterday, Noah Wyle was added to the list as portraying George Pickett. Today, they announced the casting of Walter Goggins (“The Shield,” “Justified”) as Richard Ewell. This is getting more and more interesting as the time leading up to production begins.

    2. Glenn Taras says:

      I would think that this would be produced soon as the bi-centinial is now. I’m tired of comic book movies and would like to see some dramatic history for a change. Real people having done real things and not someone’s figment of imagination as in non-fiction.

  2. Brenda Sherman says:

    Have tried but have yet to find a website that I can order video War is Kind poetry.

  3. John Beefelt says:

    I just looked over the cast interesting…I have no issue with the cast accept for the kid as Grant. Unless this movies script is low ball like Gettysburg and God and Generals on Grant, I was thinking Robin Williams. He has proven he can do serious roles and he is a dead ringer for Grant. Heck he looks so much like Grant we could put him on the 50 dollar bill and few would notice. I also would like Stephen Lang in his old Pickett role and the old guy that played Trimble back in this movie. “That hill up there as bare as his bloody damn head”

  4. Chase Osborne says:

    Then they’d be sued for taking similar roles to that of Ronald Maxwell’s production. Smart call by them to NOT have actors play their old roles in other productions.

  5. Louie Seven says:

    HI ~ I recently discovered Gods and Generals, and purchased the Commemorative Blu-Ray box set with Gettysburg as a direct result of reading your incredible reviews.

    Having experienced the Civil War Centennial in the early 1960’s, I am now completely prepared for whatever the next 4 years has in store. Your website will be added to my ‘favorites’ and I hope to use it as a guide, because I don’t want to miss a thing.


    1. Thank you very much for your kind words! I’m so glad they were helpful to you. Much of the G & G coverage has faded out, but every once in a while I post something new. The complete archive for the film can be found here, if you did not see it already:

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