A Frustrating New York Rangers Offense

I really am beside myself, yet again, after another frustrating and offensively stagnant loss. For two straight games, the New York Rangers play like garbage for the first forty minutes only to come alive in the final period. Well folks, that doesn’t cut it—you cannot play only part of a game and expect to win, it’s Hockey 101. I appreciate the valiant comeback effort, but it only makes me even angrier knowing if they played with such passion for the entire game, they would have won. This team desperately needs to make a trade now, as the Rangers’ top players aren’t their top players. Let’s just make a little comparison here:

Gaborik and Drury: Combined cap hit of $14.550 million. Goals: 11, assists: 17, points: 28.

Stepan and Boyle: Combined cap hit of $1.400 million. Goals: 27, assists 21, points: 48.

Why are the Rangers even bothering to play Marian Gaborik and Chris Drury anymore? Gaborik looks disinterested and doesn’t shoot the puck with any force or regularity and Drury could do an amazing Invisible Man impression for Halloween. Defensive forward and faceoff man my left foot, Drury isn’t even an NHL caliber fourth liner as far as I’m concerned, and is probably the worst captain in this team’s history. That and the fact that he cannot even score one single goal in sixteen games is infuriating beyond all belief.

The Rangers have more than $14 million tied up between two bums. I know I’ll take some heat for calling out Gaborik, but it will be worth it. It’s time he either stepped up or asked for a trade out of here if he can’t hack playing in New York anymore. The Rangers could probably get a decent return and will welcome the cap relief. As for Drury, just buy him out—it’s gotten to the point where I would rather pay him to not be here than play.

Sorry if this comes across as just an angry rant, but any momentum this team built after beating the Canucks two games ago has been completely wasted.


2 thoughts on “A Frustrating New York Rangers Offense

  1. grego

    Imressive at 1.43 million a goal for the drury, gaborik combo….I hope atleast they were big goals…. I liked the Wolski, Zuccarello, Stepan combo, what do there goals cost I’m sure no where near the drury gabrick price tag

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