Paranormal File: A Face in a Spy House Window and an Upcoming Lecture

Though no one is allowed inside the Spy House (now Bayshore Waterfront Park) for anything paranormal, Jeff Huber and I will be giving a lecture on New Jersey’s Role in the American Revolution there, this coming Thursday, January 27 at 6 pm. I am still waiting to hear from my superiors on just what exactly we are allowed to talk about regarding the house’s history, but my boss assures me that we are allowed to answer any questions guests pose. This may be your chance to get inside one of the most alluring houses in the state. Bruce Tango (Dave’s father) , the paranormal investigator who has appeared numerous times on Ghost Hunters will be there as well, and he volunteered to answer any ghost-related questions—we are just not sure if we can fit it in the allotted time and if it will be allowed.

Anyway, back in May, Jeff had taken a picture of one of the windows in the Spy House (I think the one below is in the front) and I had noticed a face staring at me from the glass. Though I was certain at what I saw, I wanted to go a few months without looking at it to see if it was just my mind playing tricks on me, or if it was really there. So two nights ago, I brought the picture up and my eyes were drawn to it again. It is diagrammed below:

To me, at least, I see a clearly defined face with eyes, lips, a hairline, and a hint of a nose and chin. I have shown this to a lot of people and it seems that half see it, and the other half does not. I have sent the photo to Bruce Tango so hopefully he will be able to give me an explanation. It could be pixels or just the way the light was hitting the window, but whatever it is, there is definitely a face there, the only issue is whether it is other-worldly or not. If anyone has any kind of software that can enhance it further and clarify it, please feel free to try it out and send it back to me, so we can either prove or disprove if this is a face. I really hope I will be able to show this at the lecture, but it is not my decision to make.


Lecture Information

History Alive: New Jersey During the American Revolution

Why was the Battle of Monmouth one of the most important battles of the American Revolution? Why was Benjamin Franklin’s son, William arrested? What weapons and tactics did the troops use? Presenters will answer these questions and much more. The presentation will feature instructors dressed in period battle uniforms complete with weapons. Find out why New Jersey was such an important part of the Revolution. Don’t just Google it! Come see for yourself.

One 1-Hr Session $5.00 Per Person
Bayshore Waterfront Park Activity Center
Thu, Jan 27 6:00-7:00 PM………………………………XBW11A

Please call 732-842-4000 (EXT  1) to reserve your spot!

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  1. Pretty interesting photograph! Check out our page and definitely comment if you’d like. it’s always interesting hearing about any experiences people have there!

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