Upcoming Lecture: New Jersey’s Role in the American Revolution

Just wanted to give a last call to all those who may be interested in attending the lecture Jeff Huber and I are giving this Thursday. There are still a few spots open, so if you are interested, please see the information below to register, either online by clicking here, or by phone (number below). Registration will close on the morning of the 27th, and I am not sure what the policy is for walk-ins. Keep in mind this is being given in one of the rooms of the Spy House, so seating is limited. It should be a very fun evening so don’t miss out! Anyone ages 13 and up are welcome, and we encourage audience interaction!

Lecture Information

History Alive: New Jersey During the American Revolution

Why was the Battle of Monmouth one of the most important battles of the American Revolution? Why was Benjamin Franklin’s son, William arrested? What weapons and tactics did the troops use? Presenters will answer these questions and much more. The presentation will feature instructors dressed in period battle uniforms complete with weapons. Find out why New Jersey was such an important part of the Revolution. Don’t just Google it! Come see for yourself.

One 1-Hr Session $5.00 Per Person
Bayshore Waterfront Park Activity Center
Thu, Jan 27 6:00-7:00 PM………………………………XBW11A

Please call 732-842-4000 (EXT  1) to reserve your spot!


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