Two Deleted Scenes from “Gods and Generals”

I don’t know how this eluded my reach, especially with all I have been doing for the release of the Gods and Generals Director’s Cut, which Jeff Shaara has announced on his website, is slated for May (he said he heard directly from Warner Brothers), with the theatrical premiere coming in July. Blog reader Steven Hancock put these two clips up on his Facebook and I clicked them eagerly awaiting to see what I had missed, and how new they were, but then I saw that the first one is from 2009 and the second is from 2007. Both have plenty of hits, so I don’t know how I missed them, especially since I have been on Youtube now more than I ever have.

These, he tells me, were included on the bonus DVD that came with the soundtrack that was released before the movie came out. The disc included the music videos for both Mary Fahl’s opening credits song of “Going Home” and Bob Dylan’s closing song “Cross the Green Mountain”. But along with those came several other scenes. I had this soundtrack, but the second disc was lost (or so I think) when the case broke and was replaced. I currently only have the music disc, but will do some searching for the second one. These are two very nice scenes, and I hope they are included in the final cut.

In this scene, the character of Jim Lewis played by Frankie Faison, gets more screen time as he talks to a fellow African-American Confederate, who has just seen his master’s body placed in a casket, after being killed in battle. I will assume this came after the Fredericksburg scenes, because smoke can be seen coming out of their mouths. There are also more black Confederates singing “Steal Away to Jesus”. This is a pretty moving scene because after Lewis takes somewhat of a cynical approach to his friend, saying that he “master” had been killed, the young man tells him that the soldier had just given him his freedom papers, meaning he wasn’t a slave, and he was on his way to delivering the body to his family in Winchester.

This second scene shows the Confederate Irish Brigade in what I will guess is before First Bull Run, because Stephen Lang, as Jackson, is still wearing his blue uniform. This depicts a soldier, Fitzgerald, singing the “Song of the Rebel Irish” which was played by Confederate Irish soldiers.



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