Site News: First Poll Results

In the beginning of December, I created the first poll for FNYTSF, wanting to know what readers thought was their favorite topic covered by this blog. Though I was expecting a landslide decision for hockey, and it was that way for a time being, history quickly caught up, although not enough to overtake it. I was only going to leave it up for a month but then I decided to let it get to 50 votes. I also want to say that I am very pleased with how many hits this site is getting daily, despite a decrease in hockey coverage. The disappointing stretch the Rangers have been in lately, unable to score goals, and looking miserable on the powerplay, has left me uninspired to write post-game recaps. At first, I never thought that this blog could survive without hockey, because it was averaging 200 hits a day (which I was more than happy with) when my coverage of the New York Rangers was in full-swing. But since I started writing about more history, including coverage of the Gods and Generals Director’s Cut, hits skyrocketed to nearly 400 a day, which is where they are now.

I would like to thank my readers who have shared this link with other Civil War sites, because a lot of people have emailed me, thanking me for spreading the news, including a military sergeant who was an extra in the film, who thanked me for “Keeping Gods and Generals alive”. All I can say is that I am happy to have spread the word, because this film needs exposure upon its re-release.

Anyway, onto the actual poll results, they are as follows:

  1. Hockey (52%/ 26 votes)
  2. History (34%/17 votes)
  3. Movies (6%/3 votes)
  4. Music (4%/2 votes)
  5. Baseball (4%/2 votes)

I promise to try to get the hockey coverage back to what it was, though I have been so busy and missing bits and pieces of games that I feel I should not write about them unless I watch the entire game. The history pieces will only increase, because we are growing ever-closer to the 150th anniversary of the American Civil War. Music and movies will stay the same—I’ll write about them when I can, and baseball will pick up in late March.

This leads us to the new poll I have just put up, which is asking readers what their favorite aspect of American history is. The choices are Pre-Colonial (I.E everything leading up to the Revolution), Revolutionary War, Civil War, World War I, World War II, Vietnam and “other”. I encourage everyone to share their opinion and vote in the poll!

One Comment Add yours

  1. Steven Hancock says:

    It was because of your blog on the “Gods and Generals” Director’s Cut that I found the website. Thanks for posting it! God bless!

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