Sites News: Upcoming Interviews

More big news coming to the site regarding Civil War coverage, and finally something hockey related that will please my readers who are Rangers fans. I have really been busy lately, but the chances for interviews are there, and so I will take them and try to manage my time accordingly. Two of these are set, and the third one is in the works but very close.

1. James M. McPherson: It truly is an honor to get a chance to interview the leading Civil War historian in America. The Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Battle Cry of Freedom has written more than twenty books on the subject, and has been lauded for his seemingly unsurpassed amount of knowledge on the subject. We have been in contact and I have sent him the questions, so I will get those up as soon as he gets back to me. He actually wrote the textbook I used in my Civil War class last semester, Ordeal by Fire, and I assured him it has been the only book I have purchased at that college actually worth the money. He thanks me for the kind words.

2. Sky Harbor: I have known a few of the members for a few months now and have agreed to feature an interview with them on my site. Because I am not talking to just one member, but the band as a whole, it may be some time before it actually gets published. In the mean time, check out their music here.

3. Rod Gilbert: This will be my first hockey interview since the summer, when I got a chance to speak to Jimmy Devellano, the Senior VP of the Detroit Red Wings. Rod is a member of the Hockey Hall-of-Fame and is one of the most legendary players to suit up for the New York Rangers. He has a new product coming out, called the “Power Arm”, which helps athletes build and tone muscle. I will be asking him about that along with his career in hockey. The only problem is our conflicting schedules, because this one will be done by phone. Please check out the website for his product here.

P.S: Sgt. Benjamin Kullman of the United States Military, who was a member of the “corps reenactors” and an extra in Gods and Generals, has just emailed me this massive piece telling of what the Director’s Cut will hold, and scenes he remembers filming but were not included in the final print. I should have that up either later today or tomorrow. It is a very interesting read.


One thought on “Sites News: Upcoming Interviews

  1. Steven Hancock

    Looking forward to your interview with James McPherson. “Battle Cry of Freedom” is a good read, one I actually read in advance of the grad school course I’m taking on the Civil War, which his book is the main textbook for. He also wrote a short biography of Abraham Lincoln in honor of the 200th Birthday of our 16th President back in 2009, which I thoroughly enjoyed!

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