Release Date for “Gods and Generals” Extended Cut Possibly Slated for May 27

Thanks to a reader named Jeff, who did some searching on Germany’s Amazon website, he discovered that the Gods and Generals Director’s Cut (or Extended Cut as it is officially being being labeled) is scheduled for a May 27 release, with pre-ordering available now. However, this cannot be found on the American version of the website, nor is their a picture of the DVD cover yet available, except for this tiny image on iTunes (another find by a reader):

You can see a different design, which includes Lang as Jackson, Duvall as Lee, and Daniels as Chamberlain, with what appears to be a shot from the deleted Antietam footage pictured below. The one thing I do not understand is why Jackson gets the smallest amount of space, considering he has the most screen time in the movie. Oh well, it’s not that important anyway. I guess this is the last bit of evidence needed by the doubters as to the legitimacy of the highly anticipated director’s cut of the film. All that we really wait for now is the official announcement from Warner Brothers. Being less than three months away, I would imagine a press release to surface shortly, where hopefully we will learn of more details.

That’s all for now. Hopefully everyone had a good weekend.

EDIT: It does appear to be on the American website as well (per a reader known as “Gettysburg Resident”), but with the same information as the German one. Now that I am actually able to read the wording (understanding their language does not apply to my many talents) it appears that only a Blu Ray is available at this present time. I hope that a DVD will pop up at some point, though, because to be only put out on Blu Ray will ruin many chances of this film being able to be shown in a classroom setting, because schools have not become that technologically advanced. There is mention of a book packaged with it, so that should be a very interesting addition.

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  1. Steven Hancock says:

    Well, based on this information, I guess we’re less than a month away from an official announcement from Warner Bros. WB has done Blu-ray Books for films in the past (“JFK” for example:

    Personally, I absolutely love the Blu-ray format! A friend of mine let me stay at his place a while back, and I brought my Blu-ray copy of Gods and Generals to watch while there, because he has the full-HD setup. Needless to say, I was blown away by the picture quality! It’s not the best Hi-Def release ever, but is still good. I hope that the Director’s Cut gets the full-HD treatment.

    Thanks for sharing, Greg! Already signed up for when they finally announce the release date, and start taking pre-orders. God bless!

  2. Gettysburg Resident says:

    this better be on DVD!!!!!!!!! Grrrr!!!!!

    1. gcaggiano says:

      I can’t imagine a strictly BR release.

  3. Nate77 says:

    GREAT NEWS!!! Hope it pans out as I have been waiting like all of you for 8 years. Also, dont know if its true as well, but Gettysburg Extended Cut also shows a 27 May release (also from Germany Amazon website). This would be awesome if they both got released. Jeff Shaaras website says warner bros plans to release GandG in may so this may be a validation, Guess well have to wait!


  4. Jeff says:

    i wonder why there is no release date on the english amazon site just the email notification tab when it becomes available?

    1. Steven Hancock says:

      Amazon doesn’t usually start taking pre-orders until the release date is officially announced. Once they release it the official release date, they will change the info.

  5. Steven Hancock says:

    Oh, and on a slightly off-topic post, it was eight years ago today that “Gods and Generals” was released in theaters. Seems like only yesterday, but at the same time, the wait for the extended cut has been too darned long. Glad it’s finally coming. YIPPEE!!

  6. Barn says:

    There’s also a listing for a Gettysburg/Gods and Generals Limited Collector’s Edition on Amazon. Hopefully this is both extended cuts in some sort of special packaging. No separate listing for Gettysburg yet however.

    1. Steven Hancock says:

      Thanks for sharing, Barn. This might be the way to go!

  7. Nate77 says:

    Hey all,
    I read on another blog somewhere regarding these movies that the MPAA has released a PG-13 rating recently for the Gods and Generals extended cut (due prob in no small part to the expected scenes from Antietam). Hope we see it in May!

    1. gcaggiano says:

      Perhaps you read it here, I wrote about it a week or two ago. The rating stayed the same at PG-13, but “disturbing images” was added to “sustained battle sequences”.

      1. Nate77 says:

        Well, hopefully it adds somewhat to the film. I really hope someday, The Last Full Measure gets made. Not really finishing the series after the first two leaves you with an empty feeling. Much less, some in the reeancting community as I have been a part of, strive our damndest to emulate the boys of “61-65”. With the 150 anniversaries coming up, who knows, maybe we will.

  8. Barn says:

    Great news from TheDigitalBits!

    ‘Warner Home Video is going to be releasing the Gettysburg: Director’s Cut and Gods and Generals: Extended Director’s Cut on 5/24 as Blu-ray Book editions (SRP $34.99 each). Each will be a 2-disc set. Gettysburg (271 mins) will include audio commentary with Ronald Maxwell, map and interview galleries, 4 featurettes (The Battle of Gettysburg, The Making of Gettysburg, On Location and Behind the Scenes of Nuremberg) and TV spots. Gods and Generals (280 mins) will include new audio commentary, a new intro by Ted Turner and Ronald Maxwell, a music video and 4 featurettes (Journey to the Past, The Authenticities of the Film, The Life of Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson and Visit Virginia). We’ll post artwork soon. ‘

    No word on the joint Collector’s Edition yet, but digibooks are just as good. Seems like Gods and Generals might be shorter than the 5 + hour one often touted.

    1. gcaggiano says:

      Thanks for the posting. I will do up an article now.

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