Director’s Cuts of “Gods and Generals” and “Gettysburg” to Arrive in Stores May 24

Sorry for the constant edits, but I like to keep articles updated if news comes out within a day of their publication, rather than write a new one. This is the Press Release which confirms all below, and adds some more.

EDIT I: Ladies and gentlemen, we finally have the cover!!!

It looks like the May 27 release date as stated in the previous article is a few days off (must have been the date for Germany), and thanks to yet another reader helping me out with some information, it now looks like we have something official to go on, and the Director’s Cuts of both Gods and Generals and Gettysburg will be hitting the shelves on May 24. There is also some more information from what seems to be a credible website, The Digital Bits, that offers information both really exciting, and a tad bit disappointing:

Warner Home Video is going to be releasing the Gettysburg: Director’s Cut and Gods and Generals: Extended Director’s Cut on 5/24 as Blu-ray Book editions (SRP $34.99 each). Each will be a 2-disc set. Gettysburg (271 mins) will include audio commentary with Ronald Maxwell, map and interview galleries, 4 featurettes (The Battle of Gettysburg, The Making of Gettysburg, On Location and Behind the Scenes of Nuremberg) and TV spots. Gods and Generals (280 mins) will include new audio commentary, a new intro by Ted Turner and Ronald Maxwell, a music video and 4 featurettes (Journey to the Past, The Authenticities of the Film, The Life of Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson and Visit Virginia). We’ll post artwork soon.

So there we have it, the most official looking bit of information yet available. The Gettysburg cut is the expected 271 minute version, which is/was available on VHS as part of a special two-tape collector’s pack that included an actual minie ball found on the battlefield. What puzzles me about the G & G release is the fact that it is only 280 minutes (four hours and forty minutes). Though it is a full hour longer than the original, I guess it disappoints me a little bit because of conflicting information that it was going to be between five and six hours long, but there must be a reason for this—perhaps when compiling all the footage, it just did not flow, though there was one instance of a five-hour and ten minute version being shown (the only time publicly) and it received a standing ovation. There also does not seem to be an abundance of new extras included as well.

There is also another item of interest, this coming from Business Wire, stating that the two Blu Ray releases on May 24 are not the only formats of the film being produced:

The newest cuts of the two epic films arrive together July 5 in a double-wide, must-own numbered Limited Collector’s Edition, beautifully gift-boxed with extensive new extras and memorabilia, to be announced. Included is a 32-page excerpt from TIME’s forthcoming book, TIME The Civil War: An Illustrated History.

As well as:

Gods and Generals Extended Director’s Cut will debut on Blu-ray May 24, with the Blu-ray debut of Maxwell’s earlier Gettysburg Director’s Cut. Each will be packaged in a 2-disc, 48-page Blu-ray Book versions with photographs, bios, timeline, production notes, maps and more.

I have waited so long that I do not think I can pass up May’s release and continue to wait until July, so I guess it’s a guarantee that I’ll be shelling out $70 on May 24, but this Limited Collector’s Edition sure seems appealing. My birthday is on July 2 (ironic, or fitting, depending how you look at it) so I guess I have my gift in mind already.

EDIT II: While we’re at it!

16 thoughts on “Director’s Cuts of “Gods and Generals” and “Gettysburg” to Arrive in Stores May 24

      1. Steven Hancock

        We shall see. My main fear is that they’ve excised the John Wilkes Booth subplot, which was a fascinating component of the script.

    1. Kyle

      Oh, I hope you’re right. My heart sank when I read of the 280-minute run time. Yes, it’s better than the original release, but they’re still leaving out upwards of TWO HOURS of film! Seems almost a waste to NOT include the extra footage.

  1. Steven Hancock

    Then again, they are right on the 271-minute length for “Gettysburg.” That is the version that TNT shows occasionally, and that is the right length.

  2. Gettysburg Resident

    DVD release? This is ridiculous!!!!!!!! Since when do movies only ever get released Blu-Ray????!!!! They’re making a HUGE mistake, as somebody else mentioned recently on this blog…Warner Bros – if you want these releases to be failures just like the movies were when released on the big screen, then go right ahead and release them only on Blu-Ray. Dumbasses. Not only Blu-ray, but with a hefty price tag attached – makes REAL sense! I can see these selling by the bucketload! NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Steven Hancock

      The price listed in the press release ($34.99) is Retail Price, which I’ve hardly ever seen stores sell them for, except maybe for FYE. The Warner Bros website has the price for both films listed at $27.95. And, of course, when Amazon finally starts taking pre-orders, I bet it will be right around $25, maybe even less. I’ll be getting mine through Amazon.

      God bless!

    2. Chuck

      I certainly hope for individual DVD releases, too. I move around a bit and usually watch DVDs on my laptop. I don’t think there’s a big difference in picture quality between DVD and Blu-ray on screens smaller than 40 inches, so I’d rather not upgrade to Blu-ray just yet.

  3. Barn

    The Limited Collector’s Edition will come in DVD and Blu-ray format.

    Also, the John Wilkes-Booth subplot is confirmed in the press release, as well as Antietam of course.

    1. Steven Hancock

      Looking forward to it, definitely! One of the things that has me thinking right now is that, since the length of the DC is 280 Minutes, I bet the Antietam scene is not too very long. I got that impression from reading the script of the film. To me, it seemed a little bit shorter than even First Manassas was. Might be wrong, and it might take up most of the additional time. We shall see.

      God bless!

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