Site News: Upcoming Interviews (…and a Terrible Trade Deadline)

As promised, the long-awaited interview with New York Rangers legend Rod Gilbert will be published tomorrow. Rod and I had a chance to discuss his 18 year, hall-of-fame career with the New York Rangers as well as his new athletic product called the “Power Arm”. Many thanks to his PR man Adam Bzura for helping me get this interview.

There will also be one more interview coming on Thursday, as my NJ Band Interview Series continues with a look at one of the best rock bands in the state, The Vinyls, who have already been previewed on this site. They have such a terrific sound that it is hard to believe they are so new…and so young. This is going to be a good one!

You already know what Rod Gilbert looks like, so here are The Vinyls instead.

As a side note, what a God-awful NHL trade deadline today. You would have thought that TSN learned their lesson last season, when their breaking news of the day was Jason Labarbera being dealt for a seventh round pick, but no, they had to start their broadcast at 8am this morning (poor Joe Aiello, who is having a panic attack right now). Today’s big trade? John Mitchell to the New York Rangers for a seventh round pick. My report on that blockbuster is coming in a few minutes.

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  1. Jim Haggerty says:


    The only John Mitchell I’ve ever heard of was Attorney General under Richard Nixon and he died in 1988. This trade sounds like a real blockbuster.

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