Site News: Upcoming Interview with Patrick Gorman

Good evening all, just wanted to share the news that I was able to track down yet another cast member from Gettysburg and Gods and Generals, Patrick Gorman, who played Confederate General John Bell Hood in both. Thanks to Ben Kullman, whose story about being an extra in the latter of the two films was told here, he put me in touch with Patrick, who was kind enough to grant an interview. I do not have a timetable for when it will be done, as Patrick had auditions today, but hopefully it will be done soon. He has been really busy of late, even attending the Academy Awards this past Sunday. He has also appeared in over sixty films or television specials, having made his debut in Three Days of the Condor with Robert Redford in 1975.

There is also a funny story I must mention, and I will tell him this when I interview him. When I was ten years old in 2001, my parents took me to Gettysburg for my birthday (I was born on July 2, the actual anniversary of the second day of battle) and we had tickets to the 138th Anniversary reenactment. They announce on the loudspeaker that a cast member from the film was there, and as he came riding by the bleachers on horseback, I took a picture of him. Being only ten, I did not know his name, but I took a look at this picture yesterday, and sure enough, it was Patrick Gorman, sporting his dark gray Texas Confederate uniform. I am really looking forward to this interview, and I hope to be able to track down even more cast members as we near closer to the May 24th release of the Gods and Generals Director’s Cut.

In case you have not seen it, please check out my interview with Brian Mallon, who played General Winfield Scott Hancock.

Also, please check out Patrick Gorman’s website.

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  1. Wes M. says:

    My question for Patrick Gorman:

    One of the many aspects I love about “Gods and Generals” is the authentic accents of the characters. Robert Easton, known as the Henry Higgins of Hollywood, and who also portrays John Janney in “Gods and Generals,” was the dialect coach for “Gods and Generals.” Did you work with Mr. Easton personally to learn your Texas accent? If so, can you explain the techniques an actor goes through to learn an accent?

  2. Ben Kullman says:

    Glad I could help!

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